While Looking Downward

It was a bit chilly outside again this morning, so I made sure to dress for it since I’d already planned on getting some much needed yard work done, and as always, several little chores regarding real estate had to get finished first before I could venture out.

Believe it or not, I had my nose to the grindstone for nearly eight hours, and for sure I’ll be feeling it tomorrow morning.  Oh well, at least I got all more accomplished than expected which surprised me. Since I was performing very mundane chores, I finally had the amount of time to get back to thoughts that I’d stored away for days like today, where I was able to have the necessary amount time to reflect and ponder.  After those long hours without interruption, I’d say there were a few difficult issues that are now resolved.

Another upside for making time to reflect, is our attempt at placing ourselves in the “shoes” of others so to understand the modus operandi of their mindsets.  While driving away from the office, I happened to notice a pickup belonging to yet another in our community who seems to be on some sort of burning path whom I’ve sent down as not worth my bother of understanding.

What has continued to amaze me, is how so many humans live in the “now”, and have no concept of what their futures may be like in say ten years.  When you think about it, just look at the changes that take place with say an 8 year old, and then jumping ahead to his or her 18th birthday.  This is how time slowly creeps up on us to where we’d better more sooner than later have key relationships in place for our ever-changing and sometimes soul-wrenching years.   This is one of the major reasons we must have our soulful circle of friends and family who’ll help us with our migrations into, and out of each decade of our lives.  Of course we must remember, it’s also our job to help those who’ve always helped us–without resign.

It doesn’t take long to recall those who’ve burned their own bridges with us due to their thoughtless “now” mindsets. Just a few days ago I had a touching conversation with a client who not long ago, permanently severed a relationship with a family member after finally realizing the perpetrator of those hurts will never come to terms with the deep and selfish words and actions that were purposely committed against my client over the course of a very many years.  I blessed my client for finally taking a stand and moving forward in life without such people who’re hell-bent on pulling others down instead of lifting them up.

Several days ago, I personally had someone make a micro-aggressive remark to me which didn’t set well.  Even though she outwardly meant for it to be funny, I immediately sensed it was actually inwardly meant to be dark and hurtful.  It’s been said that you can get away with saying just about anything to anyone in jest, but when you step back and think about it, it’s the fault of those many receivers for allowing such razor-tongued people with their sardonic smiles to get away with such cloaked attacks.

How did I deal with that remark?  I turned it back on her, and of course she didn’t like one bit to where she had the nerve to say I must’ve got out of bed on the wrong side that morning.

After we parted company, I walked away believing she’ll be a little more careful with her cloaked insults.  I absolutely love light conversations with many laughs, but when I start hearing a few un-necessary words that appear to be micro-aggressive, then it’s time to re-think why that person is in my life.

I felt fortunate today in having those long hours to get some deep thinking done, but while out raking, my thoughts were interrupted when looking at a tree and then inspired to take a photo of an ancient pine’s trunk, so off I went for my camera.  Tonight’s photo, which I consider to be another one of Mother Nature’s works of art, is what I snapped of it while looking downward. She’s quite the beauty don’t you think?

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Murder has its sexual side.

Joe Chodur

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