Down to the Riverside

It was a bit of a surprise to find it not getting much above 55 degrees today considering how clear the skies were.   I’m glad I did dress warmly this morning, because while out showing homes, it was a bit on the chilly side.  When seeing some young men walking about in shorts, I dismissed their hardiness as being far more warm-blooded than I am.  I’m sure what helped, was their copious “hair cover” which brings me to a comical response I made to someone today.  After speaking about animals being inside one’s home I said,  “If it has more hair than I have, it ain’t for sure getting in, because I’m not the hairiest of blokes.”

One of the homes I showed today was yet another example of an interior’s “colors gone wild”.  Whomever picked those paints were indeed color blind and/or unable to match up contrasting colors.  When looking back at the number of homes I showed this week, I’m all the more convinced we North Iowan’s have far too much “stuff”, as well as being all the more certain parents are spoiling their children by giving them nearly everything they want.  With so many toys, how do children decide which ones to play with, let alone consider any given one of them their favorites?

While out with a customer who loves wooden floors and woodwork, I asked her if she’d like to see the interior of my office.  She was delighted with the invite, so off we went, and as I pulled up I said, “Keep in mind, I’m not finished with the exterior.”  When we walked in, she seemed a bit shocked when seeing the natural wooden floors and woodwork, which inspired me to give her my nickel tour.  I’m sure I was blushing immensely because of all her compliments on my choice of colors along with its design and appeal.  She mentioned one thing that shocked me, because after the interior of my building was finished, I felt similarly.  Her remark was, “It looks so warm and inviting.”  My soulful response was, “Of all the offices I’ve worked in, this one has been for me the most comfortable.”  I’ll have to compliment her again on being blessed with good taste.

My public open house today at 422 S. Tennessee Place was a smashing success.  Out of the open houses I had there in the past, I’d say today’s attendance was the greatest.  Everyone had very good comments, as well as being surprised by its size and its open floor plan.  Like I said before, “Whomever purchases it, is going to realize in time they got a very good condo at a discounted price.”  There were even young buyers showing up which made me all the happier.

My last appointment for the day was in Charles City.  Since I haven’t been there in months, I was keen to see how things if any have changed.  My drive over on the Avenue of the Saints was very relaxing because I do so much enjoy being out in the countryside–especially before the fields are plowed and the trees are full.   At this time of year, one gets a better picture of the lay of our lands, as well as getting all the better views of our County’s ridges.  The east-west ridge south of Portland has always captivated me.  It’s no wonder the first white settlers in our area staked out claims on their little hamlet which they named “Shibboleth”.  Look how Mason City has grown!

After my appointment, I decided to head down to the banks of the Cedar River and snap a few photos.  The water was high and rapidly moving, yet there were already people fishing and walking about down at its water’s edge.  The above photo is one I considered the best.  Don’t you just want to get in your car and drive down to the riverside and set a spell?

Considering a few of my remarks this evening, I’d say tonight’s on-liner is appropriate which is:  Mother’s shouldn’t make too many sacrifices.

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