Nothing Ever Upsets

How often have we seen a 24 hour temperature change like what happened over these past two days?  Yesterday morning it was in the low 30s, yet early this morning it was already 52 degrees, but the real jaw-dropper was finding our Downtown temperatures hovering around 85 degrees this afternoon.  Looks like we’re heading into what appears to be another month where there’ll be some records being broken.

It definitely wasn’t a quiet Monday morning with all the drop-ins and phone calls.  Another one of my listings closed today with yet another “soft landing”.  It sounded like the buyers have big plans for it and I was glad because we need all the more people in our midst who’re willing to bring back the glory of the many older homes we have in our City.  It also sounds like we’re also heading into a pinched market of good homes and apartments to rent.  I was told today that there were prospective tenants nearly fighting over the opportunity to rent a home in one of our more sought after neighborhoods.

I spent several hours over at Prairie Place on 1st today with several prospective buyers who were interested enough to want to see nearly all twelve of the un-sold units.  In just the two hours I was with them, I’d wager that if they do purchase one of them, they’ll be yet another great fit into Prairie Place’s delightful community.  I can still see myself comfortably living there, and believe me, that’s saying something considering how many homes and condos I’ve personally inspected over the years.

One of my well knowns stopped by today to have a chat which is always welcome because of our long years of acquaintance.  We somehow ended up on the subject of the liberties people in our general public take when in conversation with us.  One person’s name came up who not long ago crossed a professional border by being far too overbearing with her language.  I reminded my visitor today that I’ll likely never forget hearing about it, and conduct myself accordingly with her in the future.  I can understand the use of such language, but only if you know that person well enough, and both parties being comfortable, but entering certain realms of conversation without license creates deep and lasting hurts.  I couldn’t help but mention how I kicked back at someone being over-bearing with me several days ago, while curtly responding, “When were you suddenly crowned the Prince of Prussia?”

It was by chance I ran into a gentleman today who works for a lumberyard, and quick to ask how business has been of late.  He said just in these past two weeks they’ve been very busy.  I was glad to hear it because that’s telling us there are are all the more who’re starting to spend money on fix-ups, re-models, and build-outs.  He did mention how he’ll never understand how some here in North Iowa can afford to build and/or remodel such monster homes.  I laughed while saying, “I consider homes like those being classic examples of the vulgar side of consumerism.”

I’ll be listing a grand home tomorrow which should appeal to a growing family who’s financially sound and moving quickly up their ladder of success.  The home still possess all its classic features which would cost many thousands to replace.  If there are any buyers in our market looking for a “sanctuary” home, it’ll get sold all the sooner.  From the very first time I walked into it, I was “Wowed”.  I should have it posted online before the sun rises on Wednesday morning.  Even if you’re not interested in making a move, the photos of it will be well worth seeing.

My one-liner today which I know for certain is:  Nothing ever upsets the balance of good and evil.

Joe Chodur

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