Old Fashioned Sausage

After seeing our weather forecast for tomorrow, I was disgusted to the point of wanting to go out and spit.  I hope it’s not going to be another inaccurate forecast like last the storm we had two weekends ago.  Like tomorrow’s, we were only supposed to get 6 – 8 inches, but what did we get?  More like around two feet.  I’m certainly not looking forward to wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour.  If tomorrow’s snow is going to be heavy and coupled with strong wind gusts, we’re going to see some tree branches and power lines down before it’s all over.   It’s looking to be all the more like a “fly-over” of Spring this year.

Early this morning, I had a chance to visit with a dear old friend of mine who moved up to Minnesota some years ago.  Since he’s a busy guy, we normally communicate via email, but today’s call was to talk about flood districts and land rights in the area where he lives.  One thing I’ve noticed whenever visiting with real friends, is that we can easily pick up where we left off from our last conversations.

Today’s message on my answering machine was a call from someone just the opposite.  I know it may sound wicked of me, but every time I hear that woman’s voice either on the answering machine, a phone call, or even in person, I bristle.  As we all know, there’s that small percentage of people in the public who can somehow get under our skin and we really don’t know why.

I’ve personally concluded the reasons why I become agitated whenever hearing her voice, and/or being around her in person.  First off, she’s got a faux way in which she waters down our English language. A “folksy” vernacular is also like pepper–a little sprinkling of it goes a long way.  Another exceptionally annoying way of hers, is that she gets far too much in ones face when speaking to where if you’d be in a room talking to her long enough, she’d have you backed into a corner due to your stepping back, while she continues to once again step forward into your “space”.  I guess she came by her ability to perform “space invasions” honestly because her mother used to do the same thing which I also found exceptionally annoying.  There are many out in public that do the very same thing if only you watch others in a group while they’re inter-acting.  Even yours truly has several relatives that possess similar dirty habits.

My pre-listing appointment today went well, and I’m hoping the seller will be calling me all the sooner when the home is ready to list.  It’s a quality built home that’s in a great neighborhood, and if it’s priced right, it should be sold quickly.  I’m hoping to be the one to sell it because almost all buyers most Realtors are blind when seeing “good bones” unless they’re  pointed out to them.  The seller and I hit it off pretty well, so I’m confident we’ll work well together.

After speaking last night about how our City is being over-run with deer, I’m making sure to have my camera with me to take photos of those creatures living within our City’s borders whenever an opportunity should arise.  The above photo is one I took today of just a few of a much larger herd that were grazing right here within our borders.

I only hope the citizens of our community begin to be more vocal with our City and State governments so to get something done about this ever-growing problem with our deer population.  Like I said last night, they’re wild animals that need to be exterminated or caught and placed far back into the wild.  All the thousands of acres of DNR property in Worth County, as well as those adjoining, would be perfect places to ship them. Now having a more aggressive thought, what do you think about opening a State funded all natural deer sausage factory?  On a personal note, the only way I’d ever eat deer meat is when it’s been turned into sausage, and I think it’s because they mix either pork or beef with it when grinding it.  I’d personally love to see one of those old-fashioned sausage grinders in action again.

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