Do You Like Butter

Well, it looks like winter is back at it again.   The streets around the City were exceptionally greasy to where I almost got broad-sided while driving thru a 4-way stop.  The person at the crossing street was doing everything she could to get her big SUV to stop, but she just kept sliding towards me.  Thank goodness I got past her in time before she finally came to a halt in the middle of the intersection.  After that near collision, I’m sure she was all the more careful the remainder of the day.  I do thank the City workers for keeping much of it plowed off.  With our overnight temperatures looking to be down near 10 degrees, it’s a good thing they’re working at it before it’s frozen solid come tomorrow morning.  It was confirmed again today that there’s another storm on its way this weekend.  Our world’s weather patterns  are certainly becoming all the more funky.

Two of my appointments today were to take a look at several homes belonging to sellers who are getting ready to list them once they’ve made a few pre-listing improvements. The first one I’d already inspected several years ago, but the sellers for whatever reason, decided not to list until this year.  Once they get all the excess of personal items removed and a little more painting done, they’ll be ready.  It’ll likely sell because it has four bedrooms and a bath on both floors.

The second one is a home I sold to the owners about ten years ago.  When I walked in, I had the same feeling for it as I did back when I sold to them.  It’s a grand home with oodles of oak floors and woodwork.  I can’t wait until they get their finishing touches done on it because I know there’ll be some interested buyers wanting to see it.  I soulfully announced to those sellers today, “For me, your home is like a place where I’d go to have a soft metaphysical landing after a long day’s work.”  Whomever had it built, spared no expense to have what they wanted in spite of the cost.  I was even treated with a freshly baked cinnamon roll.  It certainly brought back memories of my mother’s homemade cinnamon rolls.  You do remember me telling you about our olfactory memories being the most acute.

Speaking of smells, I’ve got a little test for you. I’d like for you all to think of what a dill pickle smells like, and then go find one to sniff.  Continue on with the things you’ve eaten, those you’ve sipped, and even certain flowers you’ve smelled.  You’ll be amazed at how near perfect your “smell” memories are when comparing them to the real things.  The two flowers which I can “vividly” remember their scents are, irises and roses.  How about you?

Speaking of memory, one of my delightful clients has a way of invoking memories of long forgotten weekly TV programs and movies by humming their theme songs.  There was a need for me to call him today, and wouldn’t you know it, he started humming the theme song from “The Adams Family”.  I got a good laugh out of it, but then later I couldn’t keep from hearing it repeating in my mind. “They’re creepy and they’re cooky…”  Yes, that weekly black and white TV serial was quite the rage when I was a young and very impressionable pre-teen.

My “sight for sore eyes” today, was catching a glimpse of a dandelion trying to bloom alongside the foundation of a building in the midst of this snowstorm.  Thus, I was compelled to take a photo of it to share with you.  What I was seeing, was a confused dandelion trying to make sense of this weather.  Remember what we used to do with dandelions after picking them?  We’d hold them under each other’s chins while asking, “Do you like butter?”  Such comical things children can think to do while curiously exploring Mother Nature’s magical world.

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