Executive Order

While driving away from that Easter Service this morning, I was wishing I’d gone to a different church because there were a few hypocrites there whom I’ve known for a great number of years who were putting on their acts of being lily-white and beyond reproach.  I’ve always attempted to never be in the same crowd as such unctuous double-dealers.  Instead of paying more attention to the Service, I was remembering all the bad things they’d intentionally done to others, and likely laughing about it later under their cuffs.

To top it all off, I happened to walk past a woman whom I’ve known for a great many years who at least 20 years ago, decided to treat me with the utmost disdain.  There were countless times whenever crossing paths with her, while at least making an attempt to be cordial, she would always turn and walk away from me without a word.

As I was walking past her today, I almost fainted when I heard her say, “Good morning Joe.”  I didn’t even look at her while pretending I didn’t see or hear her those words.  About three steps away, I finally grunted an acknowledgement by saying, “Good morning.”, as I continued to walk away.

Even now, I’m still wondering what compelled her to speak to me after all those years of  treating me like a persona non gratis.  Perhaps there was someone whom I didn’t see standing nearby who she wanted to show how delightfully courteous she could be.  Whatever the reason for her turning a new leaf with me today, it’ll be a daunting task for her to ever think she’s mended fences, or re-built a bridges with me, which she herself destroyed.

She’s likely never understood, yet should’ve realized back when in her youthful years, we live in a bloated village to where nasty things that are said about others usually gets back to them, along with their sources named. And of course, my problem is yet still today is being in possession of an elephant’s memory.  What’s even more bizarre about her, is that a long time ago I did a very good job by selling that couple a great investment, along with selling their home at a good price for that time.  I may sound wicked by saying,  “I’ve always thought she was carrying around a few loose screws.”

After discovering late this morning I needed a few supplies, off I went to “save big money at Menard’s”, but not really.  While out there, as chance would have it, I ran into a dear old friend of mine.  We became close after selling a property owned by her father many years ago.  For me, she’s one of those people you can’t help but instantly like.  She seemed sort of sad and a bit troubled, so I asked, “What’s wrong Sara?”  Oh mercy!

My anger and disgust with out rising deer populations in Mason City became all the more increased after hearing what she had to say.  Now before I relay her story, you must understand she’s very much a naturalist who’s worked hard all her life at dead-end jobs which she’s been not so thankfully, provided with a pittance of a monthly check from Social Security.  For her, having big gardens every year weren’t created only for pleasure because she’s canned and frozen all she could, simply to help lower her grocery bills.

It made me sick to my stomach when she told me that over this winter, there’ve been a herd of seven or eight deer in her yard nearly every morning reaching as high as they could to eat her evergreens down to bare branches.  She also went on to say how she was only able to get about a quarter of her garden’s produce picked last year because the deer were out there before dawn on a regular basis while freely eating all she’d worked for during last year’s growing season.

Almost in tears she said, “I am done with gardening until this City and/or the DNR do something drastic to get rid of these herds of deer living within our city limits.”  She went on to say how each year, their numbers have continued to grow.  To think those vile creatures are affecting the health and welfare of such a sweet old lady.  I didn’t even mention creating a very tall fence because I know she doesn’t have the money to fork out for a tall enough barrier considering how large her garden space is.  I think I’ll call her tomorrow and suggest she write a letter to our Governor.

And yet there are still idiotic people living here who continue to feed them.  I heard not but a month ago that someone living on Birch Drive between Kentucky and Indiana who’s feeding them on a daily basis.  He or she must certainly have more money than brains because they don’t understand that deer are wild animals, and they must to stay in the wild where they belong.

My heart goes out to all our quiet vegetable and flower gardeners within our City who’ve just recently decided to throw in their rags after these recent years of being terrorized by herds of deer.  There absolutely MUST be something drastic done about the problems they’re creating for our tax paying citizens, and this time I mean it!  And by the way, make sure you have your cameras ready so to send your photos of those herds of vile creatures to our new Governor.  I’m personally hoping for and “Executive Order” from her.

Joe Chodur

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