Bitten by that Bug

Bitten by that BugSince I decided several days ago that this Thanksgiving would be a “fly over”, it didn’t take long for me to have things to do already in place before the sun rose this morning.  Most certainly, I’m not being wimpy or spiteful over Thanksgiving celebrations, because this time around I just figured in light of how relationships have evolved, it would be better to think about those joyful past Thanksgiving celebrations, and that’s exactly what I did while busying myself with menial tasks.

Thank goodness it started to finally warm up later this morning because I had to go inside several times due to my fingers and toes growing numb from the cold.  Seems I can usually keep everywhere else on my body warm except those two areas.  Determined I was going to get at least one thing accomplished, by the time I finally decided it was time to quit, I looked back and found not just one, but four projects completed.  Perhaps I was unknowingly caught in a “no time zone” loop.  Whatever it was that kept me inspired to continue to keep working, the results certainly spoke for themselves.

Yesterday while rummaging thru a building, I spied a late 1800’s tall chest of drawers which looked like it had been used for every other function instead of it’s rightful–a chest of drawers belonging to a bedroom.  It must’ve had at least five layers of paint on it, but noticing where the paint had chipped off, I guessed it was solid oak.  Oh how the crazy thoughts I was having when envisioning myself getting that piece completely stripped of paint and returned to its original glory.  I’ll have to ask the owner if she’s wanting to part with it for a small price because that would be a great weekend project and subsequent gift for someone in appreciative need.

There are definitely two “camps” of young people in our general public whom I’ve found have grown polarized when it comes to old furniture.  One group thinks everything old is junk, while the other can find the most primitive of pieces to be keepsakes.  What I’ve noticed of late are many of the young wanting old single-pane windows with which to decorate their walls with–especially the ones with wooden grills.  One of my younger relatives has one in his living room above his fireplace that’s been painted a vivid color and the grilled panes of glass filled from behind with family mementos.  He did a good job with it, and I’m sure it’ll be hanging there for a very long while.

On my way home I realized I was out of a few supplies, so I figured Walmart would be open, and of course they were.  Oh Mercy!  The Walmartians were out in full force.  Evidently they must’ve changed the time when their Black Friday sales start because there were lines of people inside waiting for goods in roped-off areas to be opened at precisely 6:00 pm.  On Thanksgiving Day mind you!  For sure I did an in and out as fast as I could before the stroke of six.   As I was driving on the service road next to Walmart, I looked over towards Kohl’s and there they were, at least a hundred people standing in line outside for likely their own 6:00 pm cattle call.  It’ll be pitch dark by the time they open their doors, and when that magic six does arrive, those in line will be all the more restless and pushy.

I can without a doubt say that if I had to stand in one long line out in the cold and dark just to save maybe fifty bucks, I’d rather take on a part time job cleaning toilets and latrines so to earn the extra needed for what I wanted to buy without being a part of such manias.  So goes the ways of the panic shoppers.  I’m glad I haven’t been bitten by that bug.

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