Naughty Monkey Businesspeople

Oh that warm southerly wind we had today really made me feel more like it was late August instead of the 20th of October.  I guess we’ll continue to have grass to mow until the hard frost arrives.  Believe me, I’m completely OK with that.

Both of my closings today had soft landings in spite one of them having to be postponed for about four hours due to my buyer’s funds arriving later than expected.  I shake my head all the more often these years when finding other professionals dropping the ball on important as well as time sensitive tasks.  It’s no wonder why many people in certain fields have jokes made about them and freely passed around.  The professional that dropped the ball today was associated with an insurance company.  It just reminded me again why I never had the desire to work in the insurance field.

Later this afternoon I had a very good showing at Prairie Place on 1st which is the Senior housing complex which still has available units I’m working at getting sold.  To date, I’ve been very lucky in getting as many sold since coming on board.  I’m hoping the trend will continue.  The gentleman I showed today would be yet another great fit for that growing community of delightful people.

An unfortunate story was told to me today by another elderly person who lives in Clear Lake.  He told me about a particular tree service he hired to trim some high-hanging branches off a tree in his yard.  With his hands he showed me about how big around they were and said, “How much do you think I was charged?”  Knowing by then it must’ve been more than I would’ve paid so I said, “Probably $2,000.00”.   He rolled his eyes and said, “I only wish that was what I paid.”  He proceeded to tell me, and when he said the amount I nearly choked.  I grew very stern and said, “The amount you paid was not just a sin, but open-air thievery.”  He agreed and said, “I’ve been sure to tell all my friends and relatives how badly I was hosed.”  This is yet another example of what I’ve spoken about in the past.  There are many elderly people with money who live in our midst, but they’re afraid to have repairs and improvements done for fear of being royally screwed by shyster service people.  I’m glad he told me what company it was so I can to add it to my list of naughty monkey businesspeople.

Don’t forget about my public open house at 418 – 7th St. SE tomorrow which I’ll have open from 1 – 3 PM.  Anyone looking for a clean 4 bedroom home with a half bath on the main floor, this one should be considered a keeper.  Several calls that came in today were from sellers looking to get their homes listed, so hopefully I’ll have several more listings from which to choose for our buying public.

I’m hoping every sentient soul in North Iowa spends some free time outdoors this weekend so to enjoy this wonderful weather we’re having the last half of October.

Joe Chodur

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