Onto the Stage

Onto the StageLikely I’m sounding redundant with once again speaking of how beautiful a day it was.  Just remember, the more days we have like this, the closer we are to Spring and the fewer cold one we’ll have to endure this Winter.  One of my friends planted some carrots later than normally this Summer and mentioned today how he hopes he’ll have carrots before the hard frost.  I did say how lucky he’ll be if they make it to a good size because late Fall carrots are my favorite.  They’re much sweeter than the Spring ones and they don’t have even the slightest bitter taste.  A way to make them even sweeter, is covering them with leaves after the hard frost and digging them up when needed.  I’ve heard of people having them in the ground even up to the first of the year because they’ve been well insulated with leaves.  The trick is to put the leaves back after digging what’s needed.  The wider the “blanket” of leaves, the less likely any of them will freeze.

Several hours were spent cleaning up the online folders of some of my current listings.  There’s always updating to do so to keep the general public well informed of changes.  I have two closings tomorrow and hopefully both of them will have soft landings.  The closing files are all finished so all I have to do is to show up for the transactions.

Earlier this week I ordered some concrete sidewalks to be replaced and to my surprise, the gentlemen arrived that day to starting working on them.  As of this afternoon, they’re completely finished and they look great.  Far too many people are getting negligent with the the upkeep of their homes.  As I’ve said a hundred times or more over the years, “If you take care of a good house, it’ll take even better care of you.”  I try my best to educate many of the young regarding home maintenance and improvements.  My belief is that most aren’t as lazy as believed, but rather ignorant to the whole process of making repairs which in turn cripples them with the fear of making some unfixable mistake.  I always tell them to start with small projects and then work into the big ones. There’s a great sense of self-worth when able to learn something well enough that you can do a better job than another who does it for a living.

Having found I was lacking a few supplies today, I ran over to Fareway and picked up what I needed.  While there, I noticed something I’ve never seen to such a degree before.  Since there were more people there than usual, the check-outs were getting backed up to where I was just standing there watching and waiting my turn.  Believe it or not, I noticed between three aisles, four ladies likely in their 80’s paying with either debit or credit cards.  Now that was a surprise, as well as a confirmation that even our elderly are now up to speed with the methods of electronic payment.

So what is that telling us?  I’d say we’re moving all the faster away from cash transactions and perhaps in a dark way, approaching the time when there’ll be micro-chips implanted in everyone with all our information contained to where there’ll be no paper or plastic–everything will be controlled by that chip and some sort of hand-held device.  Sounds scary doesn’t it?  As I said before, the rapid evolution of computers is pushing us, kicking and screaming onto the stage of a brave new world.  Are you ready for it?

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