Brewing Storm

Brewing StormNow some would say the 21st of June is the longest day of the year, while of late, most say the 22nd is the day offering us the most sunlight.  Be it yesterday or today, we’ll say it’s the end point of the earth’s two-way dirctional tilting.

Every year when this time arrives, I recall my readings from long ago about the Celtic tribes, the Druids, and a handful of other pagan groups and the rituals they’d be performing during this time.  There would be lighted bonfires, all night merriment, naked treks into forests, along with secret incantations that were chanted so to increase fertility in crops, animals, and their fellow tribespeople.  Of course there would have been the inclusion of some sort of primitively fermented drink with just enough alcohol to get everyone shedding their clothes and skinny dipping in nearby rivers and ponds.

Can you imagine for a moment what it must’ve been like in those times where life was brutally hard and food never in an abundance while always trying to survive those cold winters in their makeshift huts, cabins, and caves?  Just think of what the smells were like back then?  Keep in mind there were no bright blue outside toilets that would get hauled away the next day after the parties were over.  Even the most basic and taken for granted things like nail clippers didn’t exist.  I don’t even want to think about what their hands and feet must’ve looked like.  But we must remember, it was a life they’d grown accustomed to since coming down their chutes, and I think they must’ve been happy.

A number of years ago, I had several relatives visiting in and around this time.  After the suggestion by one, we all decided to have a bonfire to celebrate midsummer.  That was certainly an evening to remember.  It’s interesting how when having soulful chats around  a blazing fire, people can conjure up some of the most interesting thoughts and words.  It comes as no surprise when people talk about strange things that have been said around a “recreational” fire ring.

I believe outdoor fires must awaken those primitive sections in our brains to where thoughts are shared that would’ve never been considered during a regular get together.  Cryptic statements, off the wall observations, and deep secrets seem to stream out of the mouths of those who’d allowed themselves to be pulled into conversations of those who’d already been hypnotized by those mesmerizing flames.  It comes as no surprise we’re seeing more backyard fire rings being purchased and used by North Iowans.  It makes one wonder if we’re progressing or regressing?

The highlight of my day was getting the acreage I have listed in Fertile reduced down to $129,500.  It’s certainly at a bargain basement price right now and more sooner than later, it’s going to get sold.  As jaded as I am, I could certainly see myself living there.  What a great hobby acreage!  I do hope whomever buys it will follow thru with their dreams and turn it into a show stopper to where many of those who’d considered buying it will say, “I should have, and I could have” and forevermore be angry with themselves for not pulling their triggers.

The above photo is one I took standing in Fareway’s parking lot looking east.  What I noticed not but 5 minutes earlier was all the more impressive, but didn’t have my camera with me.  It looked like there was a real storm brewing over our City.

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