At Face Value

At Face Value-1Most of my day was spent out of the office with clients and customers, and certainly happy to be driving in light rain.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we would have just a nice light shower every day without thunder, lightening, and strong winds?  It’s finally now starting to feel like summer and here we are at the turning point of the sun’s return journey to the south.  Just when we’re really starting to enjoy it, Mother Nature pulls the slow drain plug on it all by shortening our our daylight hours.

After arriving at a home of one of my clients, I had an unexpected surprise when finding one of her visiting relatives to be a schoolmate of mine I hadn’t seen in a great many years.  I’m sure he was as surprised to see me as I him.  The more we talked, the more the memories came rushing back out of the darkness of long ago archived happenings whose volumes it thought to have disintegrated with time and disuse.  Evidently I must have placed them in a mentally humidity and temperature controlled environment to where the book worms couldn’t even penetrate.

Some time during our fourth grade, we parted company with our shifting of schools.  I internally blushed a bit when he talked about how nearly everyone in our class thought me to be the pleasantly studious kid who didn’t get in trouble.  He challenged me to remember something that had happened which was memorable to him about me.  At this time I don’t recall, but perhaps after sleeping on it tonight, I will have it remembered come morning.

I blushed again when he mentioned how I was also remembered by many as being such a fast runner.  I then shared with him the story I’d heard many years later from my father’s brothers and their sons.  Just recently one of my cousins on my father’s side said, “When your father would come to help us on our farm, he used to brag about you by saying, “He can run like a jackrabbit and swim like a fish.”  I then told the gentleman today how running and swimming were my only two strong points in the arena of sports.

As I was driving away in the direction of my next appointment, I became a little teary-eyed remembering how much simpler life was back then.  Yes, there were hardships and disappointments, but at least there weren’t those constant information overloadings which today’s young are continually processing.  Yes, I’m sure if we could reel back time, nearly all of us would be canceling choices we made back then  that’ve continued to haunt us to this day.  In spite of there having been an opening of a long ago closed book, I’m exceptionally happy our paths crossed once again.

One of my late appointments was the showing of a home to a mother and her son.  Somehow her son and I got on the topic of modern science.  I soon discovered him to be very well read for his young age of eighteen.  We ended up debating quantum physics and how some everyday happenings without realizing,  are its manifestations.  My last question to him was, “Do you believe alternate realities exist?”  I couldn’t get a clear answer out of him so I said to him before they left, “We’ll pick up where we left off when I see you again, and hopefully by then you’ll be prepared to give me your answer.”  I admire any and all of our young people who refuse to accept given facts at face value.  I’m still continuing to believe there is hope for our young.

Joe Chodur

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