Feathery Ferns

Feathery FernsAt least we had a few sun breaks today before the rain clouds started rolling in again. Seems everyone is frustrated about the cold and wet including the farmers along with our home gardeners. One of my clients said she purchased pepper plants over a week ago and can’t get them planted due to the high moisture content in her garden. I know too well what it’s like to be out muddin in a garden. She did mention how healthy her potatoes and onions are since she got them planted before our days of rains began.

It sounds like there are chances of rain this weekend, and if it arrives, the Band Festival won’t be as great a success as expected. Seems there’ve been too many years recently to where the weather was not conducive for such a celebration. It makes one wonder if Mother Nature is punishing a few of us for something naughty we did.  I sure wouldn’t wanna mess with that Mother.

For some reason I didn’t wake up with any aches and pains from my marathon labors yesterday, and certainly thankful for it since I was exceptionally busy from the time I arrived at the office. It was a far more productive day than expected and thankful for it.

Just as I pulled into my parking spot, I noticed another dumpster diver going at it down the alley. Every time I see those “backpackers” digging in dumpsters and public waste bins in our Downtown, I get this creepy weird feeling about what’s happening in our City. Years ago, one would rarely if ever see people rummaging thru public and private garbage containers. It brings a thought of what it’s like in third world countries where people are starving and digging for thrown away scraps of food, or pieces of metal and fabric to be re-used. Is this our harbinger of what’s in store for our future?

There’ve been too many times over the years where I’ve read about how the gap between the have’s and have not’s is continuing to grow wider to where there will no longer be a middle class America. Some may think they’re in that class simply because of their incomes, but they’re in denial over how much long-term debt they’re servicing on a monthly basis.

Just today I spoke with a young couple about purchasing a home and was surprised that even though they aren’t carrying that much debt, they’re still struggling to make ends meet. Raising young children in these times does not come cheap–especially if there are more than two. I dared not mention how much I’m sure peer pressure has affected their finances. Too many want their children to have the same clothes and electronics that all the other kids have. Don’t think there isn’t peer pressure even in the lower grades due to nearly all of them in possession of those “socially segregative” smart phones.

While out showing a home today, I couldn’t help but take the above photo so to share it with you. I’ve always loved ferns. This particular bed must be at least 50 years old or older because I remember seeing it when I was just a tyke. They’ve always reminded me of what it would be like while walking into a primeval forest and encountering a giant patch of feathery ferns. Their color exhibits the most vidid of imaginable greens.

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