Spiraling Memes

Spiraling Memes-1Today I fulfilled at least the bulk of my plans of doing absolutely nothing in real estate and get back at a daunting project which I’d mothballed almost two years ago.  It had been gnawing at me during those years, but I knew a more important job came first.  There were no regrets about leaving it unfinished,  but now I’m all the more back at it and on a burn to get it finished.  I’ll be having a few aches and pains when I get up tomorrow from today’s workout.

Having said I wasn’t doing any work in real estate, I was still getting text messages from other agents.  I should have left my phone in the car instead of having to stop and respond to them.  One of them asked me to do something and I quickly text back that I wasn’t going to the office today.  Some people believe Sunday is just another day.  I never bother people on Sunday unless we’ve got something already planned.  Yes, I do have open houses on Sunday’s along with showing homes, but those are almost always scheduled in advance.

As I was driving out behind Menard’s on 9th St. SW, I was shocked to see someone had run over a young fox which must’ve come out of this year’s litter.  My stomach turned when I saw it because I couldn’t help but believe someone ran over it on purpose.  They are very fast runners and I can’t imagine it wasn’t able to dodge a car that was traveling at a normal speed down that street.

Our fox population has been struggling to increase their numbers—especially when we now have coyotes which will hunt and kill their young. They are one of the most beautiful and comical creatures we have living in our midst.  Once in a great while I’ll hear one yapping in the distance.  If that fox was intentionally killed, whomever did it deserves a good tongue lashing along with some serious force-fed educating.

Speaking of education, just recently I had a long chat with a person in the field of education.  We were talking about the “thens” and “nows” of our system of learning.  We’ve seen some huge changes over these past thirty years, and most of them, as far as I’m concerned, are not for better.

Of course the one good change which I thought was long overdue, was having the boys in John Adams start wearing swimming trunks.  Believe it or not, there was a time when  those male students were forced to go swimming in the nude.  Can you imagine about twenty or thirty boys in their birthday suits taking swimming lessons?  There’s no question in my mind that the person who insisted on making those boys swim in the nude had a hidden agenda. Thank goodness there must’ve been enough parental outcry to get that stopped.

On the flip side, the classroom free-for-alls of today do nothing but stunt learning and foster teacher apathy.  Why wouldn’t it?  There’s little or no discipline and those students who really want to learn, are constantly being interrupted by other students to where they loose their train of thought. Too many of today’s students copy things they see others do, but usually they’re not things that help promote their growth and human development.  Just think about all the downward spiraling memes that have become normal in our everyday world. We’ve grown so used to them to where in our time, they’re considered acceptable. Stand back a little farther so you can see the whole picture to where you’ll also understand what’s been happening.

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