IADJSTWhile working at getting past the first day of the month, I found that extreme focus is key to keeping all my files moving in the right direction.  With that said, I’d say I’ve done a pretty good job of it except having un-necessarily interrupted someone by asking for a clarification of something written in a document, which in error I overlooked.  Ugh! I found it beyond embarrassing, but at least it created a “hard code” for me in the future when quickly skimming thru the language of documents.

Early this morning I went and visited a dear client who’s been having a problem with surface water creating some unnecessary problems.  It didn’t take me but five minutes to see what was causing it along with what I’d personally do to cure it.  At least there’ll not be anymore angst building up in that homeowner’s mind tonight.

One of the old truths that have long been forgotten by many, is that surface water can create the greatest of problems with foundations and basements.  Many years ago, Government appraisers would check the grade around homes so to ensure there’d be sufficient run-off out and away from footings and foundations.  The rule at the time was:  There must be a 6″ fall in 6′ when standing with your back to a home and walking straight outward.  There were too many times decades ago when an appraiser would call for sod to be removed, grades to be raised to their specifications, and new or existing sod to be re-installed.   In those times, it was the hard and fast rule, and it worked.

There are so many homes I drive past on a daily basis that don’t even come close to fitting the above criteria to where I refuse to even pay any attention for fear I’d go into an information overload.  And people wonder why they have seepage and puddling in their basements.  What really bothers me, is that it’s not that costly of a fix, so I guess the reason these remedies aren’t taking place, is likely because the general public hasn’t been educated.  It’s sad isn’t it?  Whomever said ignorance is bliss never really wanted to take the utmost care of their homes.

Another real gripe with me is the poor workmanship some of the concrete contractors get away with.  I just recently noticed several sections of sidewalk that haven’t been down for even two years without seeing noticeably large cracks.  Was it the mix of the concrete or the poor workmanship?  I’d say 75% of the time it’s the workmanship.

Do any of you realize how many years it takes for soil to naturally compress to the point of carrying weight?  It would surprise the “yell” out of you.  This is why it’s terribly important to compress disturbed soil enough so to at least lessen the possibilities of sinking, heaving, and cracking.  The real key is to remove no more than necessary so to preserve the soil’s natural compression.  Every time I see someone digging a much bigger hole than necessary and then filling it back in, causes me to shake my head in dis-belief.  This is yet another lesson to be learned and remembered.

While driving home this evening I couldn’t help but notice a personalized license plate.  I consider some of them my daily word games.  Tonight’s read: IADJST.  I’m sure the translation is: I Adjust.  Now my question is, “Did the vehicle belong to a chiropractor, or possibly a free spirit who can adjust to our ever-changing world?”  What do you think?

Joe Chodur

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