Without Notice

Without Notice-1As expected, today was a whirlwind with it not only being a Monday, but also the first day of the month.  This rain and cold didn’t help with the stacked appointments I had.  Every time I looked at the clouds in the sky,  they reminded me of an Alberta Clipper moving through our area during the winter.  There’s no question everyone will be out dancing in the streets once it warms up and the sun comes out.

Another one of my sales closed today and after a few last hour hiccups,  we managed to get the job done.  The biggest problem was that the sellers had the water turned off at the street as well as the water heater being turned off, and didn’t discover it until we were doing our final walk-thru.  Nevertheless, yours truly had to contact the City to get the water turned back on along with my having to run back to my office to get my long-stemmed lighter to get the water heater lit.  The buyer wasn’t a very happy camper while all of this was going on.  I’m not even going to begin naming any of those who were responsible for this last hour landmine. At least it’s done and we’re all moving forward.

What happened this morning is a classic example of what shouldn’t take place after a purchase agreement is accepted by the sellers.  There’ve been times when sellers have notified me that they were going to cut the gas, electric, and water on a house after an offer was accepted.  Of course I would have to remind them that they’re responsible for keeping their homes in the same condition if not better from the last time the buyers were there.  I’ve also had to remind sellers to keep the snow shoveled and grass mowed up until the time of closing.  For some reason, too many sellers suddenly divorce themselves from their homes after they’ve accepted offers.  I have no clue why that happens sometimes, but it does.

I discovered again today that in spite of the chaos and stress that a so-called “bad day” creates, it all vanishes as long as we can get a good belly laugh out of it.  A young gentleman who works down the block was standing outside in the light rain texting away at his cell phone.  As I was driving in his direction, I couldn’t help but stop and make a few devilish remarks.  He was standing out there with a hammer dangling down from his front belt loop.  When he came running over, the hammer went a bouncing.

The laughing started when seeing this and of course wicked me couldn’t stop making naughty remarks like, “Seeing you with that hammer made me think of Mae West and her classic remark about a pistol and a pocket.”,  and then I said, “You must have cast iron undies to be able to endure that swinging hammer handle.”, and lastly, “If I had my camera, I’d take a photo of you and see what reaction I’d get online.”

Yes, we must continue smiling while having a little fun so to keep us grounded as we muddle through those difficult days that unexpectedly arrive without notice.

Joe Chodur

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