Sidelines of Darkness

Sidelines of Darkness-1With our extended snowfall today, it turned out to be a bit slow with walk-ins and phone calls. Those freed up hours allowed me to begin a daunting task of property research that’ll continue to keep me busy on and off over the weekend.

Most of the general public have no idea the amount of time it takes to do extensive research on property values.  There’s the initial inspection and note taking, then comes the gathering of sales information from different sources, and finally the time consuming job of sorting it all out so to make some sort of semi-educated guess at what a given property will sell for in the near future.  Many homes are easy to value because of their “like” qualities of many others, but then come those that are just enough different in design, age, and location, that the weighing of values on missing or added features become more critical.  With that said, anyone who believes they know exactly what their home is worth is filled with fantasy.  As it’s been said for hundreds of years, “The real value of a commodity such as real estate is what a ready, willing, and able buyer will pay a seller in an arms-length transaction.”  Why the arms-length?  That’s the equivalent of two perfect strangers who’re not unduly pressured to buy or sell, that come together at an agreed to sale price.

While having lunch today with a client of mine, we had a good chat about this and that, but when the subject of our local news reporting came up, it turned into a darkened subject.  I was quick to jump on my grandstand and give me opinion of what’s been happening nationally as well in and around our little burg of a City.  Not saying I’m an expert in judging the writings of our local reporters, but in these recent years I’ve seen the news being all the more created by our reporters, rather than taking the stand of honest unbiased listeners and conveying what they’ve seen and heard.  Make sense?  I was a bit unsettled when I heard from someone that there are reporters in our area that actually look to see what political party affiliation of a given person is before they write their stories.  At the time I said, “I can’t imagine a reporter doing that!”  Well, I hope it’s not true, because if it is, it just as bad or worse than if reporters investigate their subject’s religious affiliation.  We have no clue what’s really going on in the minds of people, no matter what political party or religious affiliations they have.  If that’s being done, the subject of their reports to our public have already been polluted by most likely irrelevant information. It shines a very bad light on any genuine reporter’s credentials.

You remember the very old saying, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”  Most believe it to be considered something positive.  Well, likely in the past it did, but in these times, those mightier pens are being used to foment discord within communities.  I’m seeing it now more than ever, and I don’t like it.  What can we do?  I say we begin calling out those who’re writing such tripe and turning their blinding spotlights back on themselves.  Cunning minds don’t like being at center stage, but rather, at their sidelines of darkness.

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