Selfless Intention

Selfless IntentionI think we’re all of the opinion we’ve had enough rain for a few days.  Every morning I drive Downtown I see branches either on the ground or hanging half broken in the trees.  Since yesterday was an exceptionally stressful day,  I took off about 45 minutes early this morning and walked around our Historic District.  There’s no question in my mind the people who’ll be living in the new condos being built by the Good Shepherd will be exceptionally happy when able to walk to just about any of the places of interest along with there being many churches, grocery stores, the post office, and banks in close walking distance.  With that said, I think there needs to be more public awareness regarding crosswalks.  Too many motorist think they have the right-of-way and make some dangerous moves with their cars at intersections when there are people trying to cross.  Unfortunately I’ve found the young drivers with cell phones glued to their ears believing pedestrians must wait for them.  I was crossing a street Downtown last week where one of them stopped beyond the crosswalk to where I couldn’t pass.  The driver acted as if she’d done nothing wrong until I gave her a stern look and shook my finger at her while she sped off.  Not that I’m that much into more signage, but perhaps a few “Yield for Pedestrian” signs around town would remind those thoughtless drivers.  When I got back to the office from my early stroll, I was again reminded how much progress has been made in our Downtown’s re-development, but also aware there’s still more work to be done. Onward and upward is my rule.

The home I have listed at 37 Oak Drive has been getting more attention this past week and I’m going to remain hopeful one of those lookers will make an offer on it.  Every time I show the home I look at all the excess greenery in front as say to myself, “Boy do you need a real good haircut!” I’m a great lover of landscaping, but when people don’t realize regular attention is needed, their can quickly turn into jungles.  Yet another profession that would be a great success is to be a tree expert who specializes in keeping the canopies of trees trimmed up.  There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing an old tree that’s been manicured along with its canopy being high and appropriately shaped. It’s almost like maintaining a hair style on a tree.

After having a conversation with several gentlemen this afternoon regarding several pressing issues, my mind was taken back to a great number of years ago when there was an on-going tug of war between two sides.  One side was insisting on something being done for the good of all, while the other side was pulling back saying, “We’re not all and it’s not good for us going forward.”  The debates raged on and off for weeks until the defensive side went to seek legal counsel.  The attorney at the time was one who seemed to be of the mindset, “You’re guilty until proven innocent.”  After having reviewed the problem he said, “I’ll take them on, and if nothing else, we’ll see them in court.” I’m not sure what that attorney said to the opposing side over that week, but they finally came to the conclusion it wasn’t worth the battle.  It was found out later the offensive group had selfish and undisclosed plans of their own had they succeeded.  It gave me comfort today in being reminded that there are people out there who’re full of selfless intention.

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