The Pains of Plastique

The Pains of PlastiqueI wasn’t surprised to see the creeks and rivers filling up this morning from all the rain we received last night.  Someone said earlier this afternoon that we were likely to get another one today but fortunately it didn’t happen.  We’ve had enough to last us for a while.  It almost reminds me of a summer not so many years ago when we were getting drenched with rain and then the following year we had a drought so severe that there were foundations that were affected by the drop in the water table.  I witnessed first hand a few basements that were affected and it wasn’t pretty. While out and about today I noticed some exceptionally beautiful lilies in full bloom.  There was one that stood out which was a vibrant red, and in the sunlight appeared almost florescent.  I’m getting more in the notion that when I finish the front and rear of my office building, I’m going to create a perennial garden in my planned gated enclosure.  About a month ago I ran my idea past a person who’s about as knowledgable as a landscape architect.  He actually liked my idea which gives me all the more reason to follow thru with it.

I’ve been patiently waiting for a title problem on one of my listings which is sold but not closed to be corrected by those involved back when it last sold.  I took the initiative to go over to the courthouse and do some investigating on my own and then paid a visit to the attorney working on it.  As far as I’m concerned, there are too many times when people assume things have been done correctly and later find they weren’t.  Trying to get something fixed after a great deal of time has passed makes it all the more difficult because people change jobs, they sell their businesses, and files get destroyed.  I’m still not so sure about how we’ve moved into such a digitalized society where archiving real paper files is becoming a thing of the past.  I would say this has been the year that will likely break the record for the number of people who’ve lost their abstracts of title.  The extra time and money it takes to re-create one makes for one more cog in the closing process.  Yes we very much live in a fast paced and throw away world where the most recent events seem all consuming while the past is forgotten.  Aren’t we supposed to remember and learn from past mistakes so when another similar situation arises we’ll know how to deal with it?  I see repeat mistakes being made all the more in these times likely because far too many have dismissed their past while embracing their “now”.  We must be all the more alert to those whom we believe have learned and remembered past mistakes because they may have neither learned nor remembered.

There’s a home I’ve been involved with helping to get some things done so it can be listed soon and hopefully sold quickly.  I felt one major deterrent was the pink plastic bath tile that was installed halfway up the walls back when the home was built.  In my years of selling homes, I can assure everyone that plastic tile on walls of kitchens and bathrooms is not appealing to buyers.  I’ve seen some owners paint them, but that’s a cheap coverup that usually doesn’t cut it with lookers.  After finally getting the tile and evil rock hard glue off, I will never take on such a daunting task again.  If I ever show another home with it on the walls, I’ll be quick to speak of the pains of plastique.

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