Full Moon on Summer’s Solstice

Full Moon on Summer’s Solstice-1After a showing last night to the most delightful young couple,  I was exceptionally curious what they thought of it after having slept on it and likely talked about it before going to work this morning.  Once in a great while I get a “feeling” about a particular home being a great fit for someone who’s looked at it.  As we all know, we can’t force anyone to like anything. As the afternoon wore on, I’d considered giving one of them a call just as a follow up.  As chance would have it, I ran into one of them Downtown and had a nice chat with her.  I asked if she and her fiancee talked about it much and she said they did.  Since they’re not originally from this area, I was quick to mention how much I’ve liked living here in Mason City.  I said, “I’ve had a number of opportunities to live elsewhere, but after weighing the pros and cons, I was always left being comfortable with the same decision to remain.”  The two of them I believe are meant for each other and I wish I could clone both of them and plant them all over North Iowa.  The best definition for them at this moment is that they’re just darned nice people who lack dark sides of excess baggage and hidden agendas.  I don’t know how we got on the subject yesterday but somehow we were talking about recognition.  I said, “I’ll likely remember the both of you for years to come and for only one reason.”  They became all the more curious and asked how.  “Well it’s like this with me.  I remember people’s eyes even after a great amount of lapsed time.”  I went on to say I don’t know how or why, but it’s been that way for me ever since I can remember.  We all know, a person’s eyes are like fingerprints—no two are the same unless they’re identical twins.  I laughed and said, “Just today someone whom I’ve not seen in a very long time cornered me in the parking lot of a store asking if I was Joe Chodur.  I’d already seen him in the store and avoided him because I recognized him. He must’ve got a good enough look while turning away.

He introduced himself as though he thought I didn’t remember him.  Because he was such a naughty monkey whenever I had to deal with him, I couldn’t help but say, “Wow! You’ve grown so fat I almost didn’t recognize you.”  I know you think me mean but it was the truth and my being so blunt about it was just one small payback of the many crude things he said to me many years ago.  My customers said they’ll have to start noticing peoples eyes more in hopes they’ll better remember those they’ll come into contact with in the future. While on my way home last night the eyes of someone I worked with over 25 years ago came to mind.  From the first time we met, I considered her eyes to be very much like a Berkshire’s.  If she’d even known I considered her eyes to remind me of a pig’s, she’d likely to have paid some really bad person to deliver me to the nearest slaughterhouse knowing how exceptionally vain she was about her looks.

I tried to stay up as late as possible last night to experience the full moon of our Summer Solstice.  Did you know the last time we had one was way back in 1948? We had to wait 66 years for it to arrive and I’m surprised there weren’t more festivities surrounding it.  I’m sure the Nordic countries were having a great time with their re-enactments of Pagan Summer Solstice celebrations.  I wouldn’t have been the least bit surprised if they were out dancing naked in the forest under the light of the full moon on Summer’s Solstice.

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