Naysaying is Verboten

Naysaying-is-VerbotenWith the recent listings our office added to inventory, I can see by the activity they’ve been getting,  buyers are still out there looking and purchasing.  I’m certainly glad to see the movement with people deciding now’s the time to buy.  I happened to notice an on-line article that spoke about the real value of the dollar in each State.  I was happy to see the dollar worth more than in comparison to many of the other States in the Union.  Most of our long time residents of Iowa have no clue how fortunate they are to be living here due to the lower cost of living we’ve been afforded.

I hope the promoters of our State will be sure to point this out when attracting businesses and retirees thinking about moving here where they’ll open companies and buy homes.  Being outdoors today a little more than usual, I was awed by nature’s beauty around me.  I don’t think today could have been any more perfect.  No matter where I seemed to find myself around the City, I could hear the buzzing of lawnmowers in the distance.

The freshly mown grass I was seeing appeared nearly florescent.  Every time I find a parent out mowing and their teenage children playing about I think, “What’s wrong with those parents?”  They should be finding things for their children to be doing around the house instead of playing with their smart phones.  At one end of the spectrum we have exercise maniacs who’re spending every free moment working to perfect their bodies for whatever reason, and on the other end we see others doing nearly nothing to keep their bodies from turning into cherubic blobs.  I know nearly everyone adds weight as they grow older, but the young ones I see out and about are becoming staggeringly large.

If you can imagine what it feels like carrying a 40lb sack of softener salt from trunk to basement feels like, then you’ll understand what it must feel like for someone who’s 40lbs overweight?  Simple movement must certainly be a struggle.  I blame the fast food chains as well as the companies who make their breads.  Since I’d missed breakfast one morning, I stopped at a convenience store and picked up an egg and sausage croissant.

When I took a bite I was shocked to find how sugary the croissant was.  It seems these days the processors and bakers are overloading everything with sugar.  When growing up on the farm and watching how my Mother did her twice a week job of making bread, she’d never put sugar in the mixture unless she was making sweet bread she’d use to make cinnamon rolls.  I’ll make a point when at the grocery store to see how much of the prepared foods have sugar in them.  I’m now almost afraid to know.

I happened to run into an old acquaintance while in the Historic Downtown today and by the time she was finished speaking so negatively about how Mason City will never be a success, I was wishing I’d never run into her.  I couldn’t help remembering how not long ago I ran into one of her much younger relatives and when asking about how things were with the older one of which I now speak, he said, “I really don’t like going over to her house because that’s all she does is complain about everything.”  My take on this whole business of growing old gracefully is to stay engaged no matter what and always reach and work towards the betterment of community.  After today, naysaying is verboten!

Joe Chodur

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