Ushering in Evil

Ushering in EvilThe market activity has been exceptionally brisk to where I’m a little bit on the cautioning side with a few of my buyers who’re starting to get fearful someone else will be able to buy a home they’re looking at before they can make an offer it, and then possibly jumping too quickly before they’ve had time to really make sound decisions.  Buying a home is serious business and not to be taken lightly.  I was showing a home today to a delightful couple whom I really do want the best for, and sometimes I get the feeling they think me a bit overly cautions on their behalf, but in the end, I’m hoping they’ll be in the home of their dreams more sooner than later without any sorts of  of being pressured into it.  Each time I have an opportunity to work with young buyers, I recall some of the sales tactics played on me when I was out looking before I became a Realtor.  Believe me, it was very hard to say “NO” when the barrage of canned lines were levied my way.  I’ll never forget the time an agent played the line, “There’s somebody else interested in it so you’d better make a quick decision!” Of course, most people have no idea how much I despise the soft peddling along with the pounding verbal pressures of, “Buy it now!  Don’t Wait!

There’ll never be another on like it! Snoozer’s are losers.”, along with every other form of verbal and even bodily positionings.  What I really dis-like is when a salesperson attempts to convince me they’re my best buddy.  Whenever a salesperson tries to make me believe I’m their new long-time friend, I’m reminded again of an old German saying that goes, “If we leave this world with but one true friend, we’ve left it a very rich person.”  I mentioned to a colleague some weeks ago how endeared I’d become of one whom I would certainly ride through hell on horseback for, simply because she has always wanted without resign the absolute best for me.  I said to my colleague, “If we are fortunate enough to have someone in our lives who would without question raise you up out of the ashes of your defeats along with sharing a selfless joy in your accomplishments, then that person is worthy of being raised up as well.”   The delayed acknowledgment was the sign of a real understanding of something that rarely happens in today’s world.  Loyalty, faithfulness, respect, conviction, selflessness, and all the other words that have fallen into dis-use these days because we don’t have such words appropriately used in our lives.  I was teasing a younger agent a few days ago about my sense of another doing whatever it took to get a deal done so to have possibly another sale “under the belt”.  I guess a dis-chord was struck because of the earful I received.

I just happened to remember something I read long ago regarding candles when seeing them in a home I was showing of late.  Everyone’s been trained to believe the lighting of candles brings about all the great goodness being wished for by those who’ve lighted them.  As we all know, there’s a dark side to everything.  In remembering what I’d read so long ago is that there’s also a dark side to the lighting of candles because there are those who don’t always wish the best for all, but rather the worst.  Every time I see candles having been lit by not so endearing people, that’s all I can think of is their attempt at ushering in evil to poison the lives of their opposites.  Let’s work against it.

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