Realtor Abusive

Realtor AbusiveIt just can’t be possible we’re going to have another snowstorm on Wednesday!  These great sweeping changes in weather certainly aren’t the best for some of the early Spring flowers I’ve already seen blooming.  I’m beginning to believe all the animals which are supposed to be living in the wild now growing more accustomed to City life.  From the deer, the coyotes, the ducks, the geese, and even now the crows.  Twice now I’ve seen crows gathering nesting materials while driving to and from appointments.  I can’t ever remember seeing a crow’s nest in town.  They used to be more elusive and nest primarily in outlying areas.  Perhaps they’re all considering themselves part of their evolution towards a new peaceable kingdom.  This was definitely another very active Monday to where I found myself multi-tasking in order to stay ahead of the workload.  There were more drop-ins than usual which I always welcome—especially when they’re from people I’ve not seen in some time.

I have an appointment to list another home which by all means should sell in a relatively short period of time due to its location, condition, and square footage.  I’ll likely have it posted everywhere on-line Wednesday.  I’m still yet ever thankful for the business many of the residents of North Iowa have given me over the years.  With the competition being at times brutal, I find it a great compliment when receiving a call years later to sell a home I sold to a family decades earlier.  One of the people who was at a public open house not long ago asked me how many homes I’ve sold during my career in real estate.  The only answer I considered befitting was, “A large number.”  He went on to ask, “Now come on. Can’t you give me a rough estimate?”   I finally said, “I really can’t remember because I’ve never kept track, but I’m sure if I went back into the archives from year one and spend a few hours counting, I’d get you those numbers.”  I think that was a good enough response for us to move on to another subject more relevant to that particular time and place.

I had my dose of Realtor abuse this afternoon while showing a filthy run down property to a client.  Every time I’m in homes like it I start imagining there to be something crawling on me.  It’s a good thing it isn’t that warm out and the furnace was not working to warm up the house because I wouldn’t be surprised if there’d be flea eggs hatching in there.  Everywhere I turned to look both inside and out, all I could see was dysfunction, neglect, and abuse.  The previous owner must have had a liking for vines growing on the house because they were everywhere!  One of my clients who had vines growing on her brick home knew how fully I hated seeing them crawling all over a side of her brick home.  Whomever thought vines created an exterior ambiance should have done a little research and realized how much damage they do to a home’s walls and rooflines.  I told the industrious young gentleman that if it were me, I’d walk away from that money pit and never look back.  I said, “You could throw $60,000.00 into it and still not have anything worth writing home about.  I took one more walk thru in, out, and around the outside and said to myself, “This house not only needs to return to the earth, but wants to scraped off its lot and begin all over again.  Yes, it was a Realtor abusive experience.

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