Ok, Okay, or Mmm K

kSomeone asked me this morning, “Are we in the month of November?” I replied, “Shhhh…let’s not speak about it. Let’s just continue to leave Mother Nature believing it’s September so we can continue to enjoy these wonderful days.” I can remember too many years there being frightfully cold and gray days in this month. I’m still remembering those Snapdragons I happened upon yesterday with their profuse yellow blooms. Everyone’s talking about the El Nino affecting the West Coast’s weather, but I understand that if it is a major one, it will affect our weather patterns in the Midwest.  That’s all I want is for there to be enough precipitation for next year’s crops and no ice storms this winter. Global warming is causing us to have more ice storms than in past decades.

I had to do a walk-thru of an apartment today and to my irritation, I found yet another example of a tenant’s negligence in cleaning the appliances before moving out. The most annoying sight is when I open the oven doors in homes and apartments and see disgusting burned on droppings of food they were likely cooking that dripped onto the racks as well as the bottoms of the ovens. I’m really not sure what schools or parents teach their children about housekeeping, but I think everyone needs to take refresher courses on kitchen clean up. I’m sure the stove I looked inside today will take a couple hours to get back to the way it was before the tenant moved in. I’m guessing most people are not up to speed with the idea where if you spill something, it must be cleaned up right away. If something runs over in an oven, it’s best to get it scrubbed out before it becomes all the more stuck to the racks and bottoms from subsequent oven bakings. Oh well, I guess it’s just another sign of how bizzie or lazzie people are becoming.

An appointment took me over to Clear Lake this afternoon to a home that I will be listing soon. I’m glad the seller is up to speed in the getting it in presentable condition before the photos are taken. Now that the newly built distribution center is almost ready for employees to be hired, there certainly shouldn’t be a problem with that home selling in a relatively short period of time. Since there’s not much to choose from in Clear Lake, many of those workers will likely be purchasing in Mason City. I heard there’s going to be rigorous hiring standards along with more than the average background checks due to it being a drug distribution center. I’m exceptionally happy that company decided to locate in Clear Lake and hopefully will encourage more companies to follow suit. As I’ve said for years, Mason City/Clear Lake is geographically well located for trucking since we are at the halfway point between Des Moines and Minneapolis.

Someone sent me a text today where in the message I found this person responding, “Okay”. I’m wondering if it’s a regional use or possibly the age of the person.  Yes, ok is likely a shortened version of okay, but I guess I’ve always used the “Ok” instead of “Okay”. Now we’re finding the text messages with the “K”. You’ll likely remember reading this the next time you hear someone saying, “Mmm K”. Believe it or not, I’ve heard this being said more than I want to admit over the years. Mmm K?

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