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meOne of those rare weird days happened for me today. I’m sure everyone has had similar days where an anxiety is awakened and you don’t even know why. Some would probably blame it on the weather or possibly a sub-conscious memory that has been awakened. I would say neither was the cause. I said to someone today, “It’s one of those days where I can’t feel, touch, taste or smell something being wrong, but it’s there to where I wonder if some terrible thing has happened in the universe and I’m feeling the aftershock.” In the rare times it’s happened, I used to almost go looking for what was causing it, but later finally realized it’s not to be found. I think many have coined this as being a “bad hair day”.

A young gentleman stopped by the office today to drop off a bill and each time he comes, I usually find myself engaged in a conversation with him. He usually stops about once a month and I think he must work at finding things to create conversation with me the next time he arrives. Since this afternoon was a little slow at the office, I found I was visiting with him longer than normal. Since he is at least a 1,000 years younger than I am, I find it interesting to get a “peek” into what life in like for someone in their twenties in these times. The one subject I pounced on, was how so many of the young are no longer creative. I really don’t blame them due to all the passive/resistive entertainment in which they involve themselves. From watching TV to playing around with their smart phones, there’s no real initiative to wonder why things are the way they are. Too few leaders and too many followers are in our world of technology. We consider government leaders to want the best for us and too often we find they’re self serving. We have business people purporting to want the best for their customers and sadly later find we are simply their vehicles to create wealth. We have medical professionals whom are held in high regard and to later find much of their advice is income driven to where we wonder if they want us to be cured or are they just getting us better so to have repeat visits. Last but not least, we have religious leaders who consider themselves selfless shepherds of their flocks and when peeling back the layers of superficiality, we find many on ego trips working at bending the thoughts of their religious communities.

I told this young man today, “I’ve been around a great number of religious leaders over the years and have found very few who’ve made the “cut” at being considered a true selfless shepherd of their flocks. It’s very sad but true when we think about those whom we trust with our financial, physical and spiritual lives to be nothing more than self-serving. Not long ago I went to introduce myself to one whom many would consider a person of intelligence and substance. This person actually looked at me, turned and walked away as though I didn’t even exist. After thinking about it, I came to the conclusion there wasn’t any value added reason for this person to even shake my hand.

As chance would have it, I happened to find out another one of the buildings in our Historic Downtown just recently sold to an investor from out of State. I understand that he was born and raised here and likely after becoming successful elsewhere, decided to come back and re-invest. We must absolutely always welcome returning natives.

Joe Chodur

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