UnthusiasmRocking and rolling was indeed the way of today. It seemed as though the hours flew by with all the gusto of a ship in full sail. Meetings along with a follow-up on yet another sale of one of my listing, caused me to think, “Gee, I’m glad I just posted a new listing yesterday as my inventory has been dropping.” Of course the perfect world for me is for one to sell and the next day have a new listing to replace it. I made a secretary laugh this morning when I said, “When I was a charming young man, I was so good looking I didn’t even have to lick my lips when trying to make an impression.” I was simply being a bit of a tease but her flattering reply was, “Oh Mr. Chodur, you still are an attractive man.” I’m glad to create a bit of laughter during these frigid days.

I was angered to hear a story today from a young woman who told of how her landlord didn’t return her security deposit when vacating a home. She went on to say she’d given proper notice, made sure the home was just as clean or cleaner than when she moved in, and made sure the landlord had her forwarding address. Well, it seems the landlord after almost two months had passed, sent her a letter simply stating she wouldn’t receive her deposit back due to excessive filth and damage that was done.

Year in and year out I hear the horror stories from tenants in how they were robbed of their deposits by not so business-like landlords. I’ve so often thought how those naughty landlords would react should the shoe be placed on the other foot. I gave her some suggestions in how to get her deposit returned and I do hope she follows through. There are strict laws in place in the State of Iowa in regards to how security/damage deposits are to be treated. Keeping a tenant’s deposit for no due cause, is in my mind nothing less than thievery, and I’m sure any court would consider the same.

I thought of another word today that I’m going to place into use. Remember my article of some weeks ago where mentioning my newly invented word annoyant? I’ve actually used it several times since then in an appropriate context. My new word today is unthusiasm. Think of some of the clerks or public servants, or even strangers with whom we happen to have brief encounters. There was a clerk today who was about as robotic as ever conceived. Nothing more than a human trained to follow given instructions. Too many lifeless personalities filling times slots and watching the clock in hopes they can return home and carry on with their gray lives. What ever happened to the joy of living and learning? Isn’t there to rage to grow with experiences? As each second passes, we’ve lost all hopes of ever turning clock back. I’m exhilarated by new experiences, thrilled by new faces and places, and re-charged by the energies emitted by others. I have a relative who is exceptionally well read who speaks of how when reading a well written book, it engages all the senses to where she feels she is right there inside the minds of the characters. Whenever she’s speaking on the phone, she’s almost always filled with enthusiasm. For one to be filled with a zest for life, I believe it becomes a bit contagious. I had a short meeting yesterday with a somber chap who said something to me that caused me to reply with a clever remark. Before I left we both found ourselves having a healthy belly laugh. Let’s try not be filled with unthusiasm.

Joe Chodur

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