The Kitchen of a Queen at 313

313 - 9th St. NWIt’s been some months since I listed an older two story home which offers all the charming oak floors and woodwork along with modern updates that create a harmonious balance between the old and the new. The design of the home is somewhat standard for a home built in the 1920’s with a few extra delightful features. The entry foyer is more pleasing in that it is separated from the living room by a solid door. I’ve always considered contained foyers to be a sort of buffer zone between the outside world and the private living quarters. They also help contain drafts when entering a home when the door between the foyer and living room is closed. There is also a main floor den which has french doors separating it from the living room. What a great place to read or home office. As many companies are allowing employees to work from home, the den in this home would be a perfect work area separated from the main living area by the french doors.

The hallmark of this home is the kitchen. Anyone who loves spending time in the kitchen would be in 7th Heaven. I’ve come to know what works and what doesn’t in kitchen design, and this home has it right. Too often when people re-model their kitchens, they don’t consider the placement of the three necessities of cooking which are the sink, the stove, and the refrigerator. I believe too many kitchens were designed by people who’ve likely never went through the motions of preparing a normal meal from scratch. I can understand why some consider cooking in their kitchens a difficult task.

Without question, the owners of this home thoroughly enjoy spending time there. There are sliding glass doors leading from the dining room out to a very private deck which certainly would provide peaceful evenings under the stars. The second floor bath is fully up to date and a bit larger than average. The central hall upstairs give more use of space in the bedrooms without the “long hall” effect that some older homes have. I can’t imagine anyone growing tired of the beautiful oak woodwork and floors. The more we read about the effects of dust mites in carpeting, the more people should look at having as many natural wood floors to keep their exposure down. The basement has an area that begging to become a “man cave”. Since everything else in this home is picture perfect, the cave would be a great project for a new owner where they’ll feel they’ve made their own improvement. Everyone likes to say “I did this myself.” There’s a single garage with opener, fenced yard, and a paved alley.

I can personally say, I’ve sold more homes in this picturesque neighborhood than not. The location of this new listing is 313 – 9th St. NW, Mason City, IA. Without a doubt, you’ll feel like you’ve walked into a kitchen of a queen at 313.

Joe Chodur

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