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SEA_1486On this Eve of Christmas, I’ve found myself again reflecting on both this past year’s failures and accomplishments. For better or worse, being a Realtor in this brutally competitive market one finds at times that even if you’ve known all the answers before the questions were asked, it’s not enough. If you’ve long ago made a personal commitment to place the needs and wants of your clients and customers ahead of your own, it’s not enough. And if you are willing to go the extra mile to at least come close to having everyone on both sides of the transaction happy, it’s still not enough. With the advent of HD TV and all the other glamorized real estate infomercials, I’ve found that too many people have become duped by what they believe is the “real” way to purchase and sell real estate. Have I had to work harder these past years? Yes. Am I angry about it? No. For at least these past ten years or more, I have come to believe and shared with many, that if I did not have a long standing “real” relationship with a wide circle of extended families and business contacts, I would have not been able to keep my office doors open to this day. Someone asked me not so many days ago why I do the extras for people when it really isn’t part of my J O B. I said, “I don’t keep a scale running in my mind as to what I owe someone or what someone owes me. It’s just part of doing the best for a client or customer.”

I spoke yesterday about how moved I was with the wonderful greeting cards I received these past weeks. Once again, from my home to yours, I want to wish everyone in our community a delightful Christmas and a most healthy and prosperous New Year. And by the way, make sure you find something to do both freely and selflessly generous for someone in need—it will be the best Christmas present to yourself.

Joe Chodur

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