Can’t Stop Waiting

dogEach year when preparing for Christmas, it seems we can’t work fast enough to get everything done that we want in time for the day to arrive. The interruptions during this time seem to be more frequent as well. I get a bit angry at myself for thinking I remember everyone and their addresses at my fingertips. Well, that often is not the case and subsequently I find myself digging in notebooks and drawers looking for house numbers. It’s really for the best because it gives me time to have more pleasant thoughts about that particular person. This year has been special for me because I have received some of the most heart-felt greeting cards which arrived at my office from clients and customers that left me deeply moved. There really are very good people living in our midst and that is something we must never forget. This past week, I have had clients stopping by the office whom I haven’t seen in years just to say “Hello and Merry Christmas”. I received an e-mail over the weekend from the daughter of a past client/customer who lives quite far away thanking me for everything I did for her father. I took that as a great compliment because I barely knew her. Perhaps the Christmas of 2013 is the year of re-discovering what is the most important in our lives. My family members know very well how I am about gifts. I think they have finally learned that I don’t like dead things. To me dead things are gifts that have no essence of the gift or the meaning from the giver. More times than I can remember telling my immediate family members NOT to give me something that I will likely never use or wear, but rather they give me something from their hearts. Wouldn’t you really hate to buy for me? Oh well, I’ve had to endure striped ties and turtleneck sweaters along with boxes filled with junky things that weeks later went to the anyone who would take them. Isn’t that called “re-gifting”? So, I’m sure you’re all remembering the times you’ve received something not so special for Christmas. With that said, I can assure you that I’m as glad as you are that we’ve done everything that we can to be prepared for Christmas. My most precious Labradors have a sense that Christmas is near and my favorite has decided that she is getting really tired of waiting for leftovers.

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