I spoke with one of my colleagues today about several of my new listings that are value priced.
She said that she as well, has been having more of a problem selling older 2 story homes. Like myself she can’t understand why the buyers today are shying away from the older well built and maintained homes. Being fully aware of the pros and cons of older versus newer, I still prefer the older well built homes over the newer. Having been in real estate for well over 20 years, I remember when some of the newer subdivisions were being opened. I drive thru them today and see homes that look far older than they really are. Plastique does not last forever. I laugh to myself whenever I hear someone say their plastique vinyl siding is permanent. Give it some years of exposure to the elements and we will see.

I was showing a newer home several days ago that had a finished basement. To my and the buyers surprise, we noticed the plastique coating that looks like wood grain on the composite baseboards was starting to peel away. Oh how delightful! Whenever I walk thru a newer home, I don’t even have to look close because I can tell if the doors and woodwork are real wood or compressed sawdust coated with plastique. I don’t even want to go there about what I believe is the real health problems homeowners are encountering. Too many chemicals with too many interactions. Let’s get back to the basics and start living in homes built with “real” basic material and “real” finish materials. I suffered for years with allergies until I removed all the carpets in my home and refinished my “real” wood floors.  Plastic is plastico is plastique is plastica is plastikowy… and on and on.  Tried and true old ways are oft times better ways.

Joe Chodur

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