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703 11th NEThe subject of my article today is the home that I just listed that is indeed one of the most delightful and meticulously cared for homes I have listed in quite some time. It speaks of quality of design and construction as well as carefully planned updates which fit the needs of today’s buyers. The owner is a real “gem” of a person. The depth of knowledge as well as her life experiences would keep anyone captivated for hours. If I could only clone her and send her out to the four corners of our community, we would all have gems for neighbors. Getting back to the home. It is one of those homes that would catch nearly anyone’s eye in the drive by with it’s northern European steep roof and extra detail in the brick work and dormer. It even has a Cinderella balcony on the stairway landing. The rooms are all filled with natural light filtering in from the custom replacement windows. Any giant bedroom set would fit in the master bedroom—it’s huge. Even in these terribly wet days, there has been NO water in the basement. You must drive by slowly and take a look at the flower beds filled with perennials that were selected to bloom in the stages of Spring, Summer and Fall. I’m not exaggerating—this home is a beauty. What a combination! One of Mason City’s finest, is owned by one of Mason City’s finest. I guess like does attract like.

Look at the listing: 703 – 11th St. NE

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