I had several subjects to write about today but the one of choice is about how our language is getting loaded up with more and more slang. I understand that languages are in a constant state of evolution. I accept that because especially with technology, we find that there are more meanings added to words that were already in use. For example, mouse. “There was a mouse in the house trying to chew thru the tail of the computer’s mouse.” I never could understand why people started saying “cool” so excessively.

I’m beginning to believe that here in America the language skills are weakening because there are too many times when people could choose a more appropriate word and instead, they throw in a worn out and mis-used word as a filler so that they can complete the sentence. I have been, these past several years on a bit of a crusade about encouraging people to watch their words. The most irritating mis-used word is “awesome”. I bristle every time I hear someone using it in the wrong context. I want everyone to go to a real Webster dictionary and look up the definition of awesome. If you are using that word often, then you will be shocked at what the real definition is. I guess the reason this subject hit the top of the list today is that I heard that word so many times from nearly the entire crosscut of age groups and social statures that I thought I was going to scream. I will never forget the day about a year ago when I chided a very influential business person for using the word awesome in the wrong context. Oh mercy! For about 5 seconds the air was very thick between us. From then on, I have never heard that word used again from that person’s mouth. I was blessed and perhaps cursed at times for having several very strict English teachers. I guess it runs in my family. I have a niece who sharpens her teeth with a Webster. And, I hope she never reads this article or I’m going to get it!

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