Get Ready for the Rise

RiseIt sounds like about 10 days from now we will be seeing temps hitting the 50 degree mark. I do hope it warms, but warms slowly due to the heavy snow cover. I remember enough times when we had a rapid snow melt and subsequent flooding. I wish for everyone to think forward and make sure you are prepared. Is your sump pump working? Do you have a portable spare just in case? Do you have basement drain plugs in case water starts coming back up from the city sewers? Try to make sure your gutters and downspouts are properly attached so that water will be dispersed away from your foundation. But most of all, keep a very watchful eye on your basements and make sure you don’t see any tell-tale signs of water. Remember, ground water will seek the weakest point of entry. I snapped just this one photo of a snow mound here in the downtown today. It is just one of many around the city, so let’s be prepared by thinking forward with what happens sometimes when the temperature is quickly on the rise.

Joe Chodur

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