A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

A-Stitch-in-Time-Saves-NineEach time I happen to drive past a home or building that shows sever signs of neglect, I inwardly bristle. I know we all can’t be alike but I wish we had more people around us who took an active interest in maintaining their properties. Last weekend when it was so cold out, I drove past a converted apartment building where people were living and noticed one window nearly wide open and several others cracked or broken. On the flip side, I can’t praise owners enough who seem to take very active steps to have there homes and buildings looking their best. Having something nice is great, but keeping something nice is an on-going job. I was visiting with a woman today who is here on business from out of state. She mentioned how lucky our city is to have such a wide variety of architectural designs. She said she hoped that we would work at preserving them. I’ve internally had the same thoughts for years. One of the homes I recently showed to a customer should have and would have sold long ago if it were only maintained properly. There were quirky improvements made that didn’t make sense in the whole scheme of the home. Squirrels and Starlings are the culprits creating holes in eves that become larger each year as well as weakening soffits. Too many blind eyes are turned to the smoldering problems. We all must every once in a while take a step back and a closer look at the small problems that will in time, become big problems. It’s best to live by the old saying, “A stitch in time saves nine.”

Joe Chodur

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