The Best Revenge

the-best-revengeI know our times have changed and we have to deal with it, but I still can’t get my mind wrapped around the way in which people can flip-flop with their intentions of doing something or not doing something. We all have been around those who are always in the state of using others. I’ll never forget a client/customer of years ago who was buying and selling homes only on his terms. There were many times when I found myself doing far more than what was normally expected of me in my profession. By getting me to do something more, he would always say, “I’ll make it up to you on the next one.” The next one became the next, and the next. He walked into my office months after the last transaction wanting me to show him a property. I simply said, “I think you’d better find someone else to work with you because we don’t seem to have a good working relationship.” He knew exactly what I meant and after a few words, walked out of my office never to darken my doorway again.

I received a call today from a landlord whom I’ve been helping rent a property he owns. I showed the prospective tenant the property and he agreed to rent it. I told him he would have to work out the details with the owner. I called the owner and told him to expect a call from the new tenant. Days passed and no call so I called the prospective tenant. He again said he wanted the property but was too busy to call the owner but assured me he would. Again, no call to the owner. A third call was placed by me and again there was the assurance by him that he wanted it as of May 1st. I finally told the landlord to call him and make the arrangements. Well, I found out today that the tenant told the owner he didn’t want the property due to some obscure reasons. Wasted time for both the landlord and myself.

It comes as no surprise when I hear horror stories from business owners about customers changing their minds on purchases or expecting far more than what was bargained for in the beginning. I’m beginning to understand more and more why many of the elderly are overly cautious about having someone they don’t know do work for them. It’s a gamble at times thinking we’ve hired someone who can be trusted to do a good job, and find in the end, a person who is far less than noble. Word of mouth is the best revenge.

Joe Chodur

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