Coming back to Life

Nearly a perfect North Iowa day happened today and hopefully there will be many more to come. The memories of this past winter are still fresh in our minds and likely won’t be forgotten any time soon. I spoke with an appraiser today about how weak the real estate sales were during the past winter months. His statistics confirmed that it was one of the slowest in some years. The grass has suddenly become green and we are beginning to see lawns starting to grow. I’m seeing more strollers in areas of the downtown. For some reason, I’ve always enjoyed seeing people out for walks. It takes me back to the more quieter and gentler times. When I was but a young man, it was not un-common to see people out for their evening walks during the pleasant months. Now we see more people out pounding the bike paths with force either on foot or on their bikes and frequently looking at their wristwatches. I’m sure it must have something to do with their speed and endurance.

A necessary walk-thru on a home that I sold took me out to the west side of the city this afternoon. The buyers are great people and I’m sure they’ll improve the property immensely. After seeing the home vacant of furnishings, the gorgeous oak woodwork stands out even more. As I walked out and checked the garage, I noticed one of the indoor plants emptied in the flower bed. I was a bit sad for the plant so I took it to the office and found a terra cotta pot for it and re-planted it. I hope its roots weren’t exposed too long while outside. I do wish for it to stay alive as I haven’t seen a plant with leaves such as it has. I was thinking on my way back to the office how much of a coincidence it was that I happened to see that small plant thrown on the back side of the house. Back when I was showing the home, I remember seeing it in a pot on the kitchen window sill and admiring its beauty. Perhaps there will be one more plant coming back to life this summer.

Joe Chodur

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