Fussy Females

In spite of being a bright and sun-shining day, it was still just a bit too cold out for my taste. Around 1:00 pm, the sun warmed us up enough to where the snow started melting off the sidewalks and over-hangs of our Downtown buildings and creating puddles, so just to be on the safe side, I swept as much of it away from the front of my building because I knew it would start freezing around closing time, and that’s exactly what it did. Before I left for the day, I took a couple good scoops of grit out and sprinkled it on those slick spots, just to ensure there wouldn’t be anyone slipping on that ice in the night.

Most of my day was spent answering emails, taking phone calls, and finishing up on my end of the month accounting. Because I’d been in and out of my office so much this morning, I couldn’t seem to get fully warmed, which is always annoying when working at my desk.

I wasn’t the happiest when told it’s supposed to get down to near -20 below zero Thursday night, and very annoyed by it because we’re nearly halfway thru the month of February, and shouldn’t be having nights that cold. These roller-coaster rides we’re having with climate change offers no real direction as to what our weather’s going to be like from one week to the next.

I read a very disturbing BBC on-line article this morning regarding what’s been happening with the spread of that coronavirus in the Orient. From what the virologists are now telling us, is that this particular virus is going to be with us far longer than they originally expected, and could be something similar to the common cold which has yet to be cured with anti-viral medications, but of course this coronavirus, is far more deadly. What they’re also telling us, is that it not only affects the respiratory system, but now believing it able to infect the nervous system and leave long-lasting, and possibly life-long neurological problems.

North Korea is going to be having a much larger problem with the spread of that virus which has already entered its borders, because of how poor their health care system is, along with how much more susceptible their generally undernourished population will be when it hits them head-on and full-blown.

As we all know, the Spanish flu killed far more people during WWI than were lost in the battlefields, and if this coronavirus mutates and becomes all the more deadly, and manages to infect every continent on our planet, then there’s going to be deaths in the millions. And to think that this coronavirus was something they say was contracted from a likely sick anteater that was being sold in a market either dead or alive at the epicenter of our now looming pandemic. This business of a mutated virus being able to jump species, must never be taken lightly.

With the amount of activity I’ve been getting on my mid-priced listings, tells me the first-time buyers are now getting out and purchasing their new homes so they’ll be settled in before Spring arrives. The three that are getting the most interest are 1026 – 2nd St. NW, 114 – 11th St. NE, and 508 Bridge St. in Plymouth. It would be wonderful if I could have all three of them sold before this month is out.

I heard a funny story today from a client I’ve known for some time which revolved around the multi-generational family of dogs he’s owned. Somehow I asked how his dogs were doing, which prompted him to tell how he’d been trying to get his third generation female bred, and the three different times he’s taken her to a breeder, she would not let a male near her. It may not sound so abnormal, yet it is, because when female dogs go into heat, they could care less how, when, and what type of male dog it is that pokes them, because of the hormones released in their brains. Well, with his female, she’s taking on the same characteristics of her mother and grandmother because they also refused to be bred unless the breeding male was brought to her kennel a week or two before she would come into heat. It was as if the bloodline of those females had a genetic pre-disposition and being that if they were to allow a male to breed them, it would have to be the case of “My turf, and my terms.”

I was quick to share with him something I’d read, and later heard years ago that in many animals, there are those who believe that the offspring will inherit the intelligence and/or memory of their mothers. It would be very interesting if there’d be truly a “closed” environment where that could be scientifically confirmed, because as we all know, most of us humans take on the external characteristics of both parents, but core intelligence coming only from our mothers, would be worth extended debate. I did get a good laugh over some of the comical failed trials my client shared with me regarding his fussy females.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Ever more people today have the means to live, but no meaning to live for.

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