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Another sunny, but cold day came and went, but the real challenge is heading our way when the -20 below zero temps arrive overnight on Thursday. You can bet there’ll be some cars that won’t start on Friday morning that’ve been setting outside all night, because it takes a pretty strong battery to turn an engine over that’s so cold. Oh well, it’s all part of the life and love of North Iowa.

My early appointment was to meet with a tenant to sign a lease which was re-scheduled from yesterday due to his having to remain home with a sick child. While signing, I was hoping he wasn’t unknowingly carrying his little one’s sickness with him. After reading how viruses can live on hands and other surfaces for hours, I think it best for all of us to be more prudent by wash our hands more often whenever coming into contact with strange places and faces.

While out on appointment, a customer from last year called and in a bit of a frantic voice, asked if I had copies of their closing documents on their home purchase. After he settled down a little, I assured him I would make a copy of it from their file and give it to them. I agreed to meet his wife at my office about a half hour later, so I made sure to be back long enough before so I could pull their file and have a copy ready for her.

When she arrived, I had everything they needed for their tax accountant. At first I thought this year was going to be better with the call-backs, but it’s getting right back to how it always seems to be with buyers and sellers calling for copies they insist on never having received. In spite of knowing all the better, I just keep quiet and continue supplying copies.

We did have a nice chat about all the improvements they’ve already made on the home I sold them some months ago. She insisted I stop over for a look, but I told her I’d wait until everything was in bloom because of how exceptionally large their rear yard is.
It sounds like they’ve already taken out a number of bushes and volunteer trees, so I definitely can’t wait to see how it has evolved from being a suburban jungle, into a manicured rear yard. I was surprised to hear they’d not yet taken out that giant walnut tree in their back yard, while being quick to inform her that if they were planning on having a garden back there, the roots from that walnut tree will have an adverse affect on certain vegetables because they tend to “poison” soil.

As far as I’m concerned, the only place walnut trees belong, are in farm groves, public parks and forests. If it’s not those staining flower stems they drop on sidewalks and driveways, it’s the green casings of their nuts that later drop which stain everything black. Of course as Fall and Winter approach, the squirrels are either making a mess on walkways when eating their nuts, or turning your favorite flower gardens into disarray when burying them. Any way you look at it, walnut trees make the biggest mess. I’m still in disbelief our City hasn’t taken the initiative to rid our residential parkings of those trees, because most of them are growing on City property, so don’t you think our community would look a whole lot better if we didn’t have those dirty trees to deal with year-over-year?

If there were more forward-thinking people in our City government decades ago, we would’ve already been rid of them and now admiring their strong, stately, and above all, “clean” replacements. I’m still wondering how many people have hurt themselves when inadvertently turning their ankles when stepping on a black walnut, or even falling. I dare not even consider the numbers.

Since I had some quiet time this afternoon, I took the initiative to write a letter to an old friend of mine. Since she lives very far away and rarely comes back to North Iowa for a visit, about the only means of keeping in touch, is either by phone or letter. I pretty much filled her in on all the happenings in our City since my last letter, and since she’s so far out of the “loop” of recent happenings in our community, I don’t hesitate to soulfully speak my mind.

My last appointment of the day was a second showing on one of my listings. We were there for quite a while, and with the amount of closer looking that was being done, I’d say they’re about as loaded up on any and all facts and features that home has to offer. They’d actually discovered a delightful component that I’d missed from the time I listed it. Oh well, I’ll have to chalk that one up as an oversight. I did forgive myself a little bit because it was fairly well hidden.

It’ll be interesting tomorrow morning when hearing what the voters of New Hampshire have decided. Considering how Iowa’s voters surprised us, there may be an even bigger surprise taking place as tonight’s tallying continues.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The healthy person does not torture others because generally speaking, it’s the tortured who become torturers.

Joe Chodur

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