Chernobyl Mushroom

When I left for work this morning, I was shocked to find how it had suddenly turned warm again, and with the those temperatures, the chiggers were back out in force. Oh how I despise those nasty creatures. By the time mid-afternoon arrived, it was registering 94 degrees in the Downtown. It was sort of creepy cool when seeing the sun at a much lower angle in this heat. When looking outdoors, it appeared as a winter sun shining on greenery instead of snowbanks. If you want to call it climate change, global warming, or even like some of the naysayers believing it nothing more than cyclical weather patterns, some of these weather happenings are events I’ve never before seen or experienced before.

One of my late appointments today took me out to the west side of the City to show a property. Since it was vacant, the buyer was able to get a better look at it along with having time to visit about the over-all features it had to offer. I’ve sold other units out in that district over the years and can’t remember even one of them regretting their move. If that home were mine, I’d be making some color changes because several of the rooms were a bit too bold. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s best to have more neutral walls and then accent with whatever favorite color a person prefers.

One of the Downtown businesspeople stopped by my office this afternoon to get my opinion on the this whole Renaissance Mason City project. Some of the things they’re doing are palatable, but several of them still have a giant red question mark in my mind. I did mention the fact that we’ve not heard much of anything regarding the progress on that hotel. At one time I thought there was a deadline of Sept. 30th for the ratification of certain key components, and unless I missed something, I’ve not read or heard a peep about it. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they’re unable to get financing due to its quirky proposed location. Oh well, sooner or later, we’ll get another scoop of the story.

We also talked about those pavers outside my office that were so carelessly installed by Country Landscapes. I showed him my side of the street, and then walked over to the other side to compare quality of workmanship. After seeing both sides, he agreed I had every reason to be upset by such sloppy work and then getting paid for it. As far as I’m concerned, the more these companies get away with being paid for poor services, gives them license to do it all the more. Back in the old days, any time a company went under contract to work for a City or State entity, there’d be checking, double-checking, and triple-checking before they’d be issued final payments. What happened?

One of my clients mentioned today how frustrated she is over trying to find new kitchen countertop appliances that are made in the USA. I was shocked to hear that she’d spent over three hours searching online for several, and finally coming to the conclusion that nearly everything we’ve taken for granted as being made here in the States, is manufactured in far away countries, and the one at the top of the list being China. I couldn’t agree with her more about how so many once dependable companies allowed themselves to go off-shore with their brands, and you can bet it’s all about higher profit margins.

I keep wondering when these companies are going to finally realize that if we don’t have decent paying jobs here in America, there won’t be anyone able to buy their products. I’m already starting to see some changes taking place right here in North Iowa. Not long ago I went online to see if there were any used appliances for sale in our area because most of the time, there are all the many to choose from. I wasn’t surprised to see a scant few, and those being ones that should’ve been freely given to a re-cycling company. After seeing that, I think more people are trying to hang on to those old reliables instead of buying something new that’s made out in the Orient.

While working outdoors over the weekend, I happened upon the strangest of sights. At first glance I thought it was a rounded piece of plastic that had blown in from the street, but after a closer look, I found it to be a real honest to goodness mushroom that was the size of a helmet. I took the above photo of it just so you would believe me.

I have not yet done any research on it, but whatever type it is, I’d more likely want to give it a street name being “Chernobyl Mushroom”. As much as I’ve been out and about in natural settings, I’ve not seen anything that would’ve come close to its size and color. Can you imagine how many hungry people we could feed if they were edible and able to be grown commercially? After looking at it closer, it took my mind back to some of those sci-fi movies where alien life forms were discovered. Kinda creepy/cool don’t you think? And yes, I did wash my hands after touching it.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The person who interprets Nature is always held in great honor.

Joe Chodur

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