Totally out of Character

My first order of business on this bleak and misting day, was to get some prep work done for today’s open house at Prairie Place on 1st condominiums.  By the time I had everything readied,  the hour had come for me to get over to St. Paul Lutheran Church and run thru all the hymns and service music they had scheduled.  Since it was communion Sunday for them, there was more to be played.

After their Service was over, I felt it being the first time I could say it was about as good as anyone would’ve expected.  I was exceptionally thankful I could hear the Minister and some of the people singing which helped with keeping them and myself in sync.  One of the ladies stopped me afterwards and said the music was perfect.  Wow!  I believed it was pretty good, but not that good.  Knowing how particular she is about their music, I’ll have to make sure I use the same organ settings the next time I play over there.

It makes me a little sad when seeing how few people there’ve been in regular attendance, but as we all know, the standard denominations are loosing their members to the new-age religious communities, as well just about as many being no longer interested in going to church at all. I’ve been wondering of late, if the whole concept of religious beliefs are under attack in today’s world.

After I left, I went and grabbed a small salad and then headed over to Prairie Place on 1st early enough before the hour so I could get all the doors unlocked and lights on in the remaining units for sale.

The number of people in attendance was weaker than normal, and likely because it was cold and rainy outdoors.  The people that did arrive were showing interest, so at least they weren’t out to kill time on an such an ugly Sunday afternoon.

When the lookers weren’t there, I spent some time visiting with some of the residents that were coming and going.  They all seemed to be well and happy which is what both Good Shepherd and I’ve been striving for.  I’m still of the belief that once those remaining units are sold, there’ll be a waiting list of people wanting to live there.  It always seems to happen that way when there’s a new build-out.

After the open house, I had to get back to my office so I could meet with some buyers who decided to make an offer on a property they’ve looked at several times.  It took a little longer due to the extra paperwork needing to be signed on that particular home, yet I personally think it’ll be a good fit for them, so hopefully we’ll be able to come together on price.

I visited with a well known today regarding how skewed past events can be with some people when telling him about a conversation I had with someone several days ago regarding an event that happened over 15 years ago.  When hearing what that person believed I said way back then, was totally out of character for me to where I insisted such words had to have been completely mis-interpreted, and unfortunately, he was carry around something all these years that should’ve been immediately dismissed.  More than once I apologized for whatever he believed I meant, while insisting he let it go.

After telling my well known the story, all he could say was, “You have to remember there are a whole lot more of wanna-be victims out there than you could ever imagine.”  I couldn’t help but say, “Well, it looks like all of us are going to be walking on egg shells every time we enter into conversation with the general public.”  I also mentioned there being a handful of people I know whom I actively avoid just because of the way they so willingly mis-interpret nearly everything I say.  There’ve been several of them that’ve insisted, “It’s not what you said, but how you said it.”  Hmm, now statements like that are classic “victim” responses.  Oh well, all we can do is to work all the harder at being more kind and straight to the point and entirely free of any and all ambiguities.

Now that October 1st is around the corner, we should be focusing on getting our outdoor chores done before old man winter arrives.  It sounds like we’re going to be looking at rain for the bulk of the week ahead, but hopefully we won’t get dumped on like we did a last week.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  If you want a good feeling that comes from doing things for other folks, then you have to pay for it in the abuse and misunderstanding.

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