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Oh Mercy!  We certainly had our workout with the snow today.  I’m not sure how much we ended up getting, but it was more than enough to keep me busy shoveling.  Thank goodness it wasn’t so heavy because there must’ve been another six inches or more dropped on us.  I don’t even want to think about what’s coming our way this weekend.

There were cancellations called in by Realtors who’d planned on showing several of my listings, and when I called the sellers, both of them had already been expecting a call from me saying, “They’re not coming.”  As much as we all dis-like these days, there’s absolutely nothing we can do about them other than work and live thru them.

Of all days, yours truly decided keep his appointment in Northwood this afternoon and did get a bit concerned about traveling up there on Hwy 65 when seeing two vehicles in the ditch just north of our City limits.  It wasn’t as bad as I’d expected while driving farther north.

I happened to make both appointments in time and didn’t have to rush at either of them when knowing I had to be in Manly at 2:00 pm.  I pulled up to my listing at 305 W. North about ten minutes early and found the buyer already waiting.

Since neither one of us were pressed for time, the buyer was able to give the home a really good look-over.  For sure, the more I’m in it, the more I could see it evolving into a charming home that would certainly be considered the eye-catcher of the neighborhood.  There’s a great deal more square footage on the main floor than what appears from the street-side.

What sets this home above the rest is that it has a main floor laundry room and 3/4 bath, a huge yard, and the building on the alley easily convertible to a three or four stall garage.  Now if that were converted, there would be room to store six cars on the property.  It’s a rarity to have spaces for that many cars within a city or town’s limits.

I believe the buyer was impressed enough to where he’s likely going to keep it on his list of possibilities.  I do hope he makes a choice to move here in North Iowa because he’d be a great “fit” for one of our communities.  There’s no question he’s very much up to speed on the “nuts and bolts” of a home.

Later this afternoon I had a soulful conversation with a colleague regarding how we absolutely should not carry grudges or deep resentments towards each other because in the long run, it always ends up being counter-productive.

I went on to say that there are those who have done some under-handed and hateful things to me over the years whom I’ve certainly forgiven long ago, but at the time I internally wished for them to stay as far away from me as possible.  Over the years, those very same people have told others that I’m grinding an axe for them.  I always think that’s their cop-out because they are still being haunted by their own guilt.  Be that as it may, I’ll continue to work with them on a business level, but never have any “warm and fuzzy” feelings for them because that would give them license to undermine once again.

While at the grocery store today I couldn’t help but be a little wicked with one of the clerks.  That canned question, “Did you find everything you were looking for?” really gets annoying to where today I finally said, “Yes I did, and that’s why I’m at the check-out.”  But I wouldn’t let it go when adding, “Do you really care if I didn’t find what I’m looking for?’  By that time he was laughing while saying, “You know, I never really thought about it like that.”  But what really got him is when I said, “The next time I’m here, whomever’s checking me out will get a real boomerang from me.”  He questioningly looked and me and asked, “What would that be?”  Well, I stepped a little closer, looked into his eyes and said, “Yes, I did find everything I was looking for, but tell me truthfully, have you found everything you’ve been looking for?”  Oh if you could’ve seen the look on his blushing face and then ensuing laughter.  He finally said, “Oh yeah. You’re gonna get a rise out of that one.”

Do you think if all of us would start turning those “canned” questions around, those many clerks would stop asking such silly questions?  It would be interesting to hear what reactions you’ll get if you say something of the sort.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.

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