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It was a pretty un-eventful day in real estate other than the normal calls, drop-ins, and appointments to schedule.  Once again, I believe we are running too short on new listings coming on the market for this time of year.  It’s nearing the end of February and there’s still not much to choose from.  I’m just glad my listings are methodically getting sold.

The one that seems to have been hanging on far too long is the condo I have listed at 422 S. Tennessee Place.  It’s listed at a bargain basement price of $96,500 which is well below what condos are selling for in Mason City.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, and in fact, some buyers have asked me if there was because of how low it’s priced.

With that building having only four units contained, it makes for all the more private of a living environment.  The things I especially like about it is the bathroom having both a tub and separate step-in shower, being a second floor unit which offers more privacy, and its large kitchen dining area.  Of course the second floor balcony is wonderful during our pleasant months.  With the main living area facing east, the morning sun fully illuminates its kitchen/dining/living areas.

The basement is finished and has a rec/activity room that can be used for family gatherings, exercise, and even just another place to socialize with friends.  There are separate storage closets for each unit and larger than what you’d expect.

While visiting with a prospective buyer about a week ago, I did tell her those condos were custom built by one of the original residents who passed away several years ago.  It should make buyers realize all the more that those units were not built by some corporation out to make a fast buck by cutting corners because I’ve heard enough stories being told over the years from those who purchased “built for profit” residences.  I’d much rather buy a home or condo that was custom built for a given owner because they normally don’t cut corners.

I did my little good deed for the day by going out to a residence and helping a dear one to get her dining room casement window fully closed.  With this weather, everything is cold and tight.  I was about ready to call it quits, but after working with it enough, I did manage to get it closed far enough to where the two latches were able to catch.  I was so happy I got it closed that I was about ready to start dancing the jig.  It’s amazing how much cold air seeps thru even the smallest cracks of a window.  I’m not sure how long it was open like that, but I’m guessing it must’ve been months.

I sure got my entertainment today while over at the Post Office.  Since they had only one window open, there was a very long line of people waiting.   Having business at the counter, I figured I’d just stand there and soak it all in.

At the end of the room to my left stood a hefty Post Office supervisor who was trying to explain to a very elder gent that he couldn’t track a mailed Postal Money Order which sounded like it was a monthly payment on his house insurance.

The old guy really wasn’t being combative, but rather very much out of touch with how our world has changed.  He insisted he called the Post Office here, but I’m sure it was their call center which was likely out-sourced.  He recalled dialing their number but couldn’t understand what the woman was saying because she sounded like somebody with a mouthful of re-fried beans.  Ouch!  I just about dropped to my knees in laughter when hearing that because it came out of his mouth in such a matter-of-fact fashion.

The next complainer just about had me rolling as well because she was in conversation with our “big guy” about her mail which she happened to be holding in a plastic bag.  From what I gathered, she was complaining about her mail smelling of cigarette smoke and she wanted it to stop.  It appeared he was listening to her intense complaint while writing down her address, and thank goodness it was my turn at the window because I would’ve likely burst out laughing if she’d asked him to smell inside her bag.  Wow!

All I kept thinking about while walking out of our Post Office was, “Are people becoming all the more myopic that they’re overlooking the really big problems in our communities, States, and Countries and focusing all the more on such trivialities?”  I used to think being a Postal carrier would be a fun job, but after today, no thanks.

I did learn one thing today about Postal Money Orders, and that being another $6.15 charge that has to be paid before USPS will do any type of tracking on any money orders they issue.  I’ll have to ask if they can cancel or place a stop pay on them.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Some people can drink with their eyes, while others can eat with their noses.

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