NincompooIt never seems to fail whenever I have a longer than normal appointment out of town, my cell phone rings or pings with text messages, as well as upon arrival back to the office, there are even more urgent messages on my answering machine.  Today was no exception.  If there is but one human trait I despise the most, it’s the dramatizing of business situations.  I can’t help but notice from time to time how some of my colleagues enjoy playing the “hero” in unfolding dramas.  Today was a double drama day which left me with two groups of stagers begging to be noticed.  Most don’t realize how much time it takes to get to the bottom of what’s really happening within a transaction and finally able to understand an impasse more clearly.  As much as I dis-like challenging colleagues on something they did or said, I was as clear as crystal with my questions and answers with several of them while on the phone.  After hanging up, I thought to myself, “Will they ever wonder why many of their transactions are so emotionally charged?”  I carried on and did all I could possibly do and will be in hopes tomorrow will bring fair and equitable results for everyone involved.  If not, then I’ll walk away believing I’ve done my best.

The destination of my appointment this morning took me about 45 minutes to get there and as I was driving out of the City I noticed ahead of me a pickup truck pulling a trailer  carrying what looked like an old metal desk.  I was close enough to see it was strapped down, but then came that weird feeling about that desk.  I backed off on my speed so that I was well distanced away should something break loose and come flying at me.  After about five miles or so following it, I thought, “Am I going to be following that desk for the next half hour or so?”  Not but a mile or so later, one of the taller metal drawers of that desk came flying out and bounced down the highway towards me.  Thank goodness I was far enough back that it finally stopped and I was able to drive around it.  The driver of the pickup didn’t even realize what had happened and continued driving another five miles or so and finally turned off onto a gravel road.  I’m sure when the end destination was reached, there’ll be someone looking at that desk and scratching their head wondering, “What happened to that drawer?” After avoiding today’s road happening, I’ll be even all the more wary of trucks and trailers hauling things down the highway.  I told someone today about what happened and she said, “I’m really wary of driving behind or past anything that is either strapped or chained down.”  I found out her greatest fear is following one of those semi-trailer trucks loaded with several layers of vehicles on its trailer.  She said, “I’m deathly afraid one of those cars will come flying off and kill me.”  I didn’t dare mention some of the nasty things I’ve seen flying off trucks and trailers.  Dump trucks are also dangerous when they’ve been hauling river rock.  Seems those stones don’t always dump and will later come bouncing off and down the road at you.  I guess the key to safely hauling things is practicing an over-kill of sorts.  I’d rather have two or three straps holding something that most would’ve only used one.  The biggest mistake of that hauler this morning was the loading of that desk and not removing the drawers. Don’t blame that drawer—blame the nincompoop.

Joe Chodur

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