Industrious and Forward-thinking

It was an early start for me this morning and my first and foremost duty was to get my Sunday morning prayer session completed which as I mentioned before, has been a very good habit I re-connected with as it has helped immensely with the ridding of my mind the toxic thoughts that’ve built up over the prior week. When dealing with the public, we can’t help being unknowingly infected with the dramas and hidden agendas of others, and as I mentioned to a dear one last week, “If we know we’re going to get pulled into someone else’s circle of evil, then it’s best to just walk away no matter how appealing the material gains may seem.”

After my spiritual cleansing was finished, I changed my clothes and headed out to another three hour work-out and believe you me, I was sweating like a butcher once the sun burned off this morning’s creepy-cool ground fog. I’m still in dis-belief how hot it got today, and glad I didn’t do anymore than I did because that beating sun and high humidity had me nearly wasted. At least another big dent was made so I guess it was a productive morning.

When I got back to my office, I changed my clothes and played catch-up on this weekend’s news along with making preparations for a research project a buyer asked me to do. Since they’ve been past customers of mine, I freely agreed to help them out by getting as much information about a certain property and then sharing it with them.

As the time was coming close for me to be at the Raven Ave. acreage, I closed my office and headed up to Worth County. It was a pleasant drive, but definitely surprised to see so many vehicles on the highway. I can’t help but thinking about how many are growing tired of being cooped up these past months and now developing careless attitudes about the China-virus. With the rising indifferences about social safety with our general public and our schools opening this week, I’m afraid the number of infections are going to markedly rise here in North Iowa. I have mixed emotions about our students returning to their classrooms, so all we can do is hope for the best.

Today’s acreage buyers were a young couple who’re looking to move to the country where in time they can build the home of their dreams. What I did appreciate about their thoughts, was that they’re planning on taking their time with getting a site cleared, fences built, and a grove thinned-out to where they’ll be able to get a better idea as to where their new home will be situated. It was a good showing, but I’m not so sure they’re quite ready financially. We’ll see.

On my way back, I stair-stepped it by taking a few gravel roads and back-blacktops just so I could get a feel for the countryside. There’s sure a whole lot of corn and beans looking parched to where I’m wondering if the farmers are going to be harvesting their crops earlier this year as there were more than several fields of corn looking exceptionally more yellow than green. It’ll not surprise me if the price per bushel is going to be noticeably higher this Fall.

When I got back to the City, I just happened to catch an old acquaintance outside her home so I stopped and had a good visit with her regarding the recent sales in her neighborhood. For some reason, she asked if I’d like to see the inside of her stately home, and you can bet I didn’t hesitate a moment.

After getting the grand tour, and as we were walking out I said, “As much as I’ve always suspected your home to also be a beauty on the inside, I never would’ve dreamt it would be as charming as it is.” I gave her an A+ for all the hard restoration work she’s done along with soulfully telling her how much it radiates a good “feeling”. She never asked but I did tell her it would likely bring between $150K – $165K in today’s market. As much as she was shocked by my estimation, there was a steadfastness about her being carried out of it feet-first which didn’t surprise me a bit since she’s already lived there for over 35 years. While driving away I couldn’t help wondering why more people aren’t as industrious and forward-thinking as she is.

I stopped back at my office to water my plants along with checking my answering machine for messages, and then headed out to a groceteria for a few things before heading home. Thank goodness there weren’t as many people there because this coronavirus has made me all the more leery about being around people in crowded places and spaces. You can bet I’m diligent about wearing my mask ever time I’m in such situations. I grabbed what I needed, ran thru the self-checkout, and headed home.

If there’s but one productive thing I get done tomorrow, it’ll be the signing-on of my new listing which is a three bedroom mid-century ranch. Based on the number of buyer calls I’ve been getting these past several days, I’d say it’ll be sold within a week for the fact that it’ll be in an entry-level price range as well as located in a popular neighborhood. I hope I’ll have at least one crack at selling it myself.

The buyers who were looking a that acreage today mentioned something about wanting to raise a particular breed of goats, and curious me asked the name. When I arrived home and got settled for the evening, I did a little research on the Boer breed of goats.
Wow! I was surprised to find they’re fast growing and definitely raised for their meat because they have the highest meat to bone ratio of all the goat breeds. I’d love to see more of our young people who’ve moved to acreages getting excited about raising “boutique” animals, fruits and vegetables. There’s certainly a market, so why not?

Tonight’s one-liner is: Confidence is that feeling by which the mind embarks in great and honorable courses with a sure hope and trust in itself.

Joe Chodur

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