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I started my day a little earlier again as my morning schedule was booked nearly solid starting around 9:00 which gave me more time to get my morning chores done before heading out. My goodness! Already it became unbearably warm before mid-morning arrived and to think I was out in it instead of remaining barricaded in my office.

My first appointment was to get 2009 S. Madison listed, photos taken, sign planted, and then plastered all over the internet. After getting it posted, I took a good look at the photos again and reassured myself that if there’s a buyer out there who could care less about a home’s cosmetics, then that solid-built Rolling Acres home is the best to be had in our market, so hopefully there’s one looking right now for just its type. I’d rather buy a rock-solid home in need of those little decorative things than pay many thousands more for something that was cheaply lipsticked. There was another home listed today that’s priced much higher in the 90’s, and without a doubt, my listing soars above that one in quality, design, and location. We’ll see which one sells first.

After getting today’s listing disseminated out into the cyber universe, I headed off to help a friend who needed an extra pair of hands with holding something up while he attached it to a ceiling. After getting it hung, I looked at him and said, “How did you think you’d be able to get it up there by yourself?” All he said was, “It would’ve likely been an hour or two trial and error project.” While driving off I felt relieved that I performed my good deed for the day.

I’d say the bulk of my afternoon was spent running errands, returning phone calls, setting appointments to show on my new listing, and unloading and storing some boxes for another to come and pick up at a later date. Thank goodness I changed into some work clothes, just by the fact that I was nearly soaked from sweating in today’s heat. I’m sure our school students weren’t happy about being back in their classrooms with such, and I’ll be waiting to see if there’ll be a spike in confirmed cases of this China-virus in the coming weeks.

When reading the BBC Online news today, I wasn’t surprised to see there being the first confirmed case of a re-infection of the coronavirus in one of Hong Kong’s citizens. After only four months, it was back attacking his body again. Too scary to even think about because from what I’ve read, that nasty virus leaves long-lasting health issues.

I also read that Alexie Navalny who’s still unconscious in a Berlin hospital has been diagnosed as having been poisoned. Only in Russia can political dissidents be poisoned by someone likely aligned with their nefarious leader. You need not think certain governments are even worse than the mafia, because when the head of a totalitarian government says, “I had nothing to do with it.”, everyone is supposed to keep their mouths shut or else. To think we’re living well into the 21st Century and such criminal government activities continue to exist. It makes absolutely no sense to me.

In neighboring Belarus, the same thing is going on with the beatings and deaths of those who’re insisting on an honest election. There’s no question Putin’s puppet had a hand in getting himself re-elected via massive fraudulent voting and ballot counting. Why would anyone want to rule a country where they’re despised by the bulk of his or her citizenry? I’ve always felt the Russians have been repressed for so many generations that it’s a morphic resonance default due their continued endurance of such, and mostly because they’ve never known or learned anything different. You may even consider it a character flaw in need of an injection of common sense.

I stopped over to my little garden this afternoon and horrified to find that the deer and/or rabbits had eaten four of my precious “boutique” peppers down to their woody stems. Now I’ve been involved in gardening off and on for a number of years, but never have I seen animals eating fully-grown pepper plants down to their hard stems. Ugh! All I can think of is there must be something “candy-like” special about the taste of their leaves. I’d seriously thought about growing a good number of them next year just so to share with everyone, but I don’t think that’ll be the case unless I can get a fully fenced and high-tech secured garden area simply because I’ll not go thru such a waste of time again.

While surveying the damage, wild and primitive thoughts were going thru my mind regarding what I could do to permanently rid my garden of such creatures. I was thinking about motion-activated flesh burning lasers, high-voltage pulsating electric fencing, razor sharp barbed wire, trip-activated catapults, new-age screening that’d be flexible and easy to maneuver yet super-strong. Yes, I almost feel as if I’m being pulled into an all-out war with those thieving varmints. I’ll have to call and tell the person who gave me those peppers seeds what our deer and rabbits have been doing to them.

Another brainstorm I’ve had regarding the addition of more businesses to North Iowa, is for a handful of investors to get together and buy an old brick and mortar building and turn it into a high-tech slaughterhouse where people could take deer, goats, sheep, cattle, pigs, and everything else with hooves or feathers, and get processed for set fees. Now that there are few if any hometown slaughterhouse/butcher shops left in North Iowa, you can bet they’d be as busy as bees all year long, and especially once our back-to-nature acreage dwellers discover the benefits of raising their own meat, and the reason most shy away from it, is because they have no desire to butcher friendly animals along with knowing fully-well our few slaughterhouses are booked months ahead. If those butchers would be appropriately trained, they could even be certified Kosher, and believe me, there’s a huge market for kosher meats. Don’t you think it would make a go of it?

Tonight’s one-liner is: Happiness is not an ideal of reason, but of imagination.

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