Adieu to Summer

Most of my morning was spent working on getting an acreage sold that was just listed by another office two days ago.   I didn’t waste any time getting my buyers in to see it yesterday, and then telling them to have a good talk and sleep over it last night.  Not to many minutes after 9:00  this morning they called to say they wanted to come to my office and make an offer on it, which I’d expected would be the case.

I made sure all the purchasing docs were ready for them when they arrived at 11:00 am.  After reading and signing the disclosures, they decided to make a one-time, take it or leave it offer which they believed would be in their best interest.   We approached this purchase in a different fashion considering what happened about a year ago with an agent from another office who danced around our offer on hers/his acreage long enough for it to “magically” get sold by the listing agent.  I tell you, these magical happenings of buyers suddenly appearing out of nowhere is beyond my understanding.  Well, because they were still burning from that farcical episode, they wanted to make sure they’d give today’s seller their cleanest and best, and so they did.

Around 2:00 pm, the listing agent showed up at my open house with a signed purchase agreement which I thought was an over-the-top gesture of helpfulness.  I profusely thanked and then quickly called my buyers to tell them they just bought a better acreage for a better price than the one they lost.  I think I’m going to be in for a big hug the next time they’re at my office.

Today’s happening was just another example of when you know you want something, don’t dilly-dally around to the point of loosing it to someone else.  Please don’t think me to be one of those, “Buy it NOW” agents because I’m not.  I just make sure prospective buyers and sellers are fully up to speed during a transaction so there’s not any valuable time being wasted.  Today’s buyers were shocked it went thru so quickly, but I did remind them I’m not one who wastes time getting offers written and presented.

Since I’ve worked with the listing agent for many years, I’m not the least bit concerned there’ll be any hitches with this sale.  As in all professions, there are those you find streamlined and straight-forward, and others who’re cumbersome and problematic.

Today’s public open house at 1042 – 1st St. NE was a great success, and hopefully there’ll be an offer on it soon.  Since the seller has made the home more presentable, I’ll be going back out there to take more photos.  Since it’s really not that old, it would be like buying a new home at half the price of building new.  Anyone who loves watching children play, the City’s sports field is just a block away.  Actually, one of the people that was there said she would buy it today it her home was sold.  Keep putting the word out on this fabulous buy!

After my open house, I had two more homes to show, and one of them was my listing at 321 S. Carolina Ave. here in Mason City.  Now that the carpets are getting removed to expose its beautiful hardwood floors, I’m confident it won’t be on the market too many days after I’ve taken new photos of it.  As far as brick homes go, it’s built like a German pillbox.  The buyers were amazed at how tall the basement ceilings were to where it would be a piece of cake finishing it off so to provide all the more additional living space.  My only hope is that whomever buys it, will turn it into a showplace both inside and out.  The location alone calls for it to be worth a whole lot more once it’s had a little lipstick added.

Before heading home, I realized there were office supplies needed, so I ran out to Walmart to get them.  Oh Mercy!  I keep forgetting how the weekends bring all the more people from North Iowa’s “Hinterland” out there to do what appears to be their monthly shopping.  If you happen to be out there tomorrow, look at how full some of those shopping carts are.  Since I’m not one of Walmart’s regulars, they seem to look at me like I’m from the planet Mars.  Perhaps part of it is my fault in how I’m normally dressed, which is a bit more business-like than what you’d normally see Walmart’s shoppers wearing. Thank goodness I didn’t didn’t see any drop-crotches waddling down the aisles.

There were all the many more trees today that were almost leafless, along with others starting to show their blazing colors. It looks like we’re forced to bid a sad adieu to summer.  Perhaps next year will bring us a return of normalcy with North Iowa’s weather.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  If we open a quarrel between past and present, we shall find that we’ve lost the future.

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