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It came as no surprise to see the streets flooding early this morning after being awakened several times in the night by the rain.  To think it’s the 20th of September and we’re getting this amount of rain, especially knowing this is supposed to be the time when things start drying out.  I drove past the entrance to East Park and wasn’t surprised to find it closed due to Willow Creek being over its banks.  And of course nearly everyone’s sump pumps were working overtime.  I only hope we don’t get the rain that’s being predicted tonight, because if we do, there’ll be all that much more standing water around our City.

Most of my morning was spent doing the last of the work needed on closing files coming up the end of this month.  I’m hoping there won’t be any conflicts with closing times for those two days because yours truly can’t be two places at once.  This is part of the reason I’m getting as much prep work done ahead of time in case I’ll be having to make mad dashes from one bank to another.

I did receive the go ahead from Good Shepherd to place next Saturday’s open house advertisement in this coming Sunday’s newspaper.  It’s frightful how expensive ads have become these recent years.  I suppose since their subscriptions are dwindling, they have to raise their rates so to keep their budgets from going into the red.

I do hope you all put the word out that there’s now only 10 units left to be sold in Prairie Place, and if a buyer I’ve been working with would finally pull the trigger, there’ll be only 9 remaining by the time our public open house/outdoor barbecue takes place.    Once they’re all sold, I’m certainly going to stay in touch with as many as possible since I’ve grown to enjoy their company and the stories they have to tell.  Some of the buyers I’ve show those units to, really were enthusiastic about moving there, but I think their children put the “brakes” on their ideas simply because they likely feared they’d be spending their inheritance.  Sometimes, I so badly want to say to them, “Spend your money on something for yourselves for once instead of hoarding all the more for your likely thankless children!”  But of course I have to remain a gentleman and keep still.

I forgot to mention another time I recently noticed how quickly a child spent “Pa’s” inheritance.  For some reason, I happened to see a Facebook link to the major beneficiary of a crotchety old miser’s bloated estate.  Wouldn’t you know it, there sat that beneficiary grinning from ear to ear on the seat of the biggest three-wheeled touring motorcycle I’ve ever seen in my life, and it too was a candy apple red.  I’m still wondering what “Pa” would’ve said if he were still alive.  Candy apple red must’ve been the color for our willfully wasteful and conspicuously consuming beneficiaries of real coin.

One of the conversations I had today with one of our “quiet” fine minds, was about how we’re getting all the more seniors moving back to the Midwest.  It seems North Iowa is growing more popular with those coming from our West and East Coasts.  It’s no wonder after seeing how crime rates have risen in our Nation’s metro areas, the sheer density of housing, the cost of living, the freeways that have to be avoided, and above all, the pace of life.  I’ve personally heard their stories and agree with their decisions because there’s no reason anyone who’s worked hard all their lives, should be subjected to such daily inconveniences during their planned golden years.

If only Mason City would turn their focus towards making our City more of an attraction to seniors, there’d be all that many more gaps being filled from the younger ones who’ve flown the coop for what they believe is their “onward and upward” paths to prosperity.  When speaking of prosperity, nearly everyone considers it synonymous with happiness which is nearly never true.  I personally knew a dear heart who worked her tail off to get what she had, and finally reached the point of slowing down and start working on being happy, but one day without notice, she dropped dead.  And to think all the sacrifices she made to reach some semblance of happiness, was jerked away from her. It’s too sad for me to even think about, yet the same thing is silently happening to all the many more thousands than we could ever consider.

The above photo is of the public open house I’ll be hosting this coming Saturday at 1141 – 14th St. SE.  We’ve had several offers on it, but couldn’t come together on price, so the owner decided to make some changes that would bring it in line within the likings of today’s buyers.  If you or anyone you know is looking for the most absolutely best built and tastefully designed home in Stone Pillar, this home fits every point and more.  Without a doubt, it offers quality, size, condition, extra amenities, and above all, location, location, location.  Wouldn’t you now believe that 1141 is certainly the one you’ve been dreaming about?

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The flower that smells the sweetest is always the shy and lowly one.

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