Golden Wings

When seeing those ominously dark storm clouds rolling in at dusk last night, I figured we were going to be in for another pounding, and by the looks of the closed-off streets early this morning, I’d say we did.  One of my clients mentioned today, and then confirmed by another later, that since Monday we received eight inches of rain.  Now that’s one yell of a lot of rain for any four day period no matter what time of year it is.  Because of the ditches, waterways, and streams being so full, we may not be out of the woods with the rising Winnebago river which they all feed into.  When driving over one of its bridges, I noticed it all the more over its banks than it was yesterday.  I previewed a home today, and of course it had puddling water in it, just as likely 50% or more of the rest of our homes in River City.

One of my appointments this morning was to go to an assisted living community to have some transfer documents signed by a dear old client whom I’ve known for a very many years.  As with everyone, the weights of time begin to weigh all the heavier on our minds and bodies.  I went to work at getting all the docs signed by her and notarized so I could spend more time visiting about the old days of real estate. After her husband passed away a number of years ago, she had me start selling off their rental properties, which we also talked about.  She made me laugh when saying, “Before I decided to call you, I was ready to give them all away because they were causing me so much grief.”  I did remind her that we did a pretty good job of fair-priced liquidation for her.  Unfortunately, I had to cut my visit short because it was nearing her lunchtime.

I was reminded this afternoon of that wonderful old saying, “A friend in need, is a friend indeed.”, when a past client/customer stopped in for a short visit.  Since we’ve known each other for a number of years, our conversations often times move from business to personal sides of our lives.

Today’s topics were in-fighting within families, and charitable works.  He went on to tell how he and his siblings nearly never squabble, have no jealousies, and hold no hateful grudges.  Since I’ve also done work for others in his immediate family, I’d say he was telling the truth.  I couldn’t help but remind him that the mechanics of his immediate family are more the exception than the rule.  He quickly replied, “I know, because I know a heck of a lot of people who’ve shared their family horror stories.”

We somehow got on the subject of charitable giving which I have mixed emotions about when it comes to our non-profits.  I shared with him some eye-opening events that took place several years ago with a non-profit charity, and the stinging letter I had to finally send them so they’d stop pestering me.  He shook his head in agreement.

He then went on to tell about a man whom he’s known since childhood, and managed to stay in touch with him over the years.  He said in about a five year period, his friend lost his spouse to an extended terminal illness, and afterwards lost his home due to her associated health expenses. To make matters worse, he came down with a life-threatening illness himself which caused him to loose his job.  His friend was rapidly sinking into real poverty, but then things changed for the better, and most likely because my client freely and willingly gifted him money amounting into the thousands just so he could make it thru his times of troubles, and so he did.  His friend is now back on a normal track of living, and all because my client decided to be a friend indeed.

Now how many of you would ever freely consider doing what he did?  Unfortunately people like him are a rarity in these times.  As he walked out I said to him in earnest, “You may not know it, but I believe you’ve already earned your golden wings.”  Yes, I do believe there’s still hope for humanity as long as we have angels such as he living in our midst.

The above photo is just one example of the rivers of water flowing thru North Iowa.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  We must continue remembering that the most valuable of antiques are our dear old friends.

Joe Chodur

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