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Another beautiful day in North Iowa happened again, and I’m really hoping our meteorologist is wrong when saying we’re to get rain tomorrow.  Hopefully it’ll be for just one day and our weekend won’t be a repeat of last which will afford time for those who work during the week, to get their yards in shape for summer.

I was shocked to see how fast the grass along with the weeds are growing.  With all the moisture in our soil, it comes as no surprise.  Oh, I forgot to tell all of you that nearly all my “over-wintered” geraniums survived, and hopefully I’ll be seeing some greenery followed by flowers on them these coming weeks.  Yes, it does take more time for them to start blooming, but I’m willing to wait because when they start, they’re at it up until the first frost.  The ones that I’ve been saving over are a brilliant orange red, and a vivid scarlet red.  I think my favorites are the scarlets’ color which borders on appearing florescent.

In the midst of my hectic day, I later discovered having placed the wrong address on one of my new listings.  Urgh.  Oh well, as they say, “He who does nothing makes no mistakes.”  I’m usually pretty good at making sure all information is correctly inputed, but there are those times when accuracy manages to slip thru the cracks.

Another new listing was added to our inventory, and it’s located at 415 – 7th St. SE here in Mason City.  It’s a five bedroom 2 3/4 bath home that’s been well taken care of over the years, as well as having received a number of recent updates.  The exterior is about as maintenance free as you’d expect considering it has permanent siding and newer thermal windows.  The real selling point of it, is there being a bath on every floor–including the basement.  We see so many people paying way more for those extra fourth or fifth bedrooms, which leads me to believe it won’t be on the market very long.  The owners have it listed at a bargain basement price of $80K.  I didn’t take any interior photos of it because there’s a tenant living there who’s getting ready to move out of the area.  I’m of the belief that no photos are better than bad photos.

While visiting with one of my friends today, we happened to get on the subject of the clothes we find people wearing in public.  It seems there isn’t a day that goes by where I either turn my head, or shake it in dis-belief.  If they could only read my mind, they’d likely be hearing me say, “Didn’t your parents teach you anything?”  Today’s dirt is OK for anyone working laborious jobs while out in public, because it’s to be expected.

Yesterday’s dirt is forgivable as long as it’s not visibly “in your face”. But a week or more’s dirt is something entirely different.  Their clothes not only look bad, but smell even worse.  Believe me, I’ve seen enough people donning their “week or more” togs and being conspicuously out in full view for all to see.  My friend made me laugh by saying, “It makes you wonder if when they get up in the morning, they’re choosing the cleanest of their dirty clothes to wear.”  I got a real belly-laugh out of that clever remark, but it later caused me to consider it to be a real possibility.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  There are too few immutable truths today.

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