If You Kill One

I was surprised to find no rain today, but I’m certainly not complaining because our soil is still more than moist enough.  Again, someone mentioned today the fact we really didn’t have a Spring, and a bit disturbed by it because of it being her favorite of our four seasons.  I empathized with her because it’s my favorite season as well.

Everyone has a down day on occasion, and mine happened to be today. I think it was due to being reminded what some naughty monkeys had intentionally done, and then reading about another school shooting in Texas.  It’s hard at times to keep from believing the world is going all the more mad.  We’ll never be able to put a definitive finger on a singular cause, because I consider it a combination of many factors.

I had a conversation with a gentleman today who’s involved in a public cleaning service.  We somehow ended up on the subject of how all the more of our population seem to have so much to do with their children and spouses, to where they grow lax in keeping their homes clean, which in turn become so dirty, they end up hiring cleaning services on a regular basis.

I couldn’t help but interject while he was telling me his horror stories of filthy homes and offices by saying, “Looks like we’re preaching to each other’s choir.”  We both agreed that the reason so many of our younger generation have no clue in how to clean properly, and it being because their enabling “best friend” parents didn’t teach them how, along with giving them weekly chores around the house without pay.  Believe me, I’m not a clean freak by any means, but there’s always that invisible “bar” by which I hold up as my standard.

Having noticed a recent new listing, I couldn’t help but remember a nameless couple who announced something to me after giving them my 101% in guiding them along with the building up of their asset portfolio over a number of years with their buying, fixing-up, and selling of homes.  There was never a time didn’t go the extra mile for them.  Well, for some reason, they had it in their minds that they were going to, “spread their wealth” and hire another Realtor to assist them with their real estate needs.  I still wish them the best, but I’ll not forget those words which I believed at the time to be their cloaked confirmations of their own jealousies.  As the old saying goes, “Like attracts like.”

Tomorrow’s open house from 1:00 – 3:00 is located at 217 – 5th St. NW here in Mason City which is one of our City’s best examples of Spanish Influence architecture.  I suspect there’ll be many visitors tomorrow and hopefully one of them will fall in love with it as I have.  There’s absolutely nothing I would change with its design which was created by a well know architect.  If any of you older ones remember Gildner’s Clothiers, tomorrow’s open house just happens to be the one built by the owners of that high-end men’s clothing store.  Seeing is believing…it’s a beauty!

On another note, I put in an order today to have three monster trees and a stump removed, so after they’re gone, I’ll be bound by a promise I made to myself many years ago which I’ve continued to keep, and it being, “If you kill one Mr. Chodur, you then must replace it with another.” Please don’t think me crazy, because it’s just another one of those Mother Nature things with me.

Tonight’s thought provoking one-liner is:  There’s nothing except what you sense.

Joe Chodur

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