2031 Springview Drive

2031 Springview DriveIn spite of having had an all-day workout yesterday, I was off and running this morning with appointments.  At one point, I was beginning to wonder if the world had suddenly started moving all the faster.  If someone would’ve asked me each and everything I’d accomplished today, there would have likely been a small pause before I could name them all.

Part of the racing for me was to get all pertinent documents to a closing agent as soon as possible so not to have any last minute hiccups.  Fortunately I delivered everything needed well enough in advance.  There’s nothing I hate more than to have last day phone calls from either buyers, sellers, or co-operating agents saying, “Oops, I forgot to mention this before, but…..”.  So terribly unprofessional wouldn’t you say?  There are times when I think some of them play this game for attention, or from joys they get out of setting “land mines” for others.  Karma, yes karma; I am a great believer in karma.

I was paid a rather humbling compliment to a very dear soul not long ago about my having a sort of “fearlessness” in talking about things that most back away from.  She asked me how I was capable of doing that. I quietly replied, “Most people refuse to speak real truths to others born out of the greatest evils of our world which is that ever-growing state of consciousness—fear.” I went on to say, “I’ve always believed that if we speak with selfless hearts, then fear’s never part of the equation.”  Even some of my siblings while growing up and pulling my ears for no reason, found me to be a bit intolerable at times simply because I wouldn’t bend to some of their ideas of which I didn’t agree.  There’s nothing wrong with challenging the beliefs of others—especially when they’re trying to shove them down your throats.

I’ll never forget a conversation I had a number of years ago with a peaceful woman who was speaking about her manipulative sister who always insistent on pressing her and others to do what she believed to be correct—even up to the point of telling her who she was to vote for.  She quietly told me, “I’d listen to her, and then just let her believe she had me convinced which saved me another argument, and then walk away which allowed me to go do what I personally thought best.”  Yes, our world is becoming all the more populated by bullies.  They bully our thoughts and bully or beliefs to the point where we just can’t help but outwardly cave.  Unbeknownst to many, there are those who pretend to cave, but inwardly remain all the more resilient.  Some of the greatest minds in history were those who listened much and spoke little. Oh, but when they spoke from their hearts, everyone listened.  Every family has one.

I just received a hefty price reduction on 2031 Springview Drive this evening.  It’s now priced at 109,500.  The seller shared the above photo of her beautiful plants growing in the sun room.  Click on the link below to view this gem which offers a porthole to nature.

2031 Springview Drive

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